Midterm - week 9

le 19 - 23 octobre

Midterm exam!

The midterm exam and all assignments are due Friday, October 23 for French 2. There are numerous RLCs available for review (RLC = required live classroom). Extra credit opportunities have been posted in the daily announcements. Has your student completed all the assignments yet?

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The only assignment posted for this week is the midterm exam. The midterm exam has 33 questions - covering units 1-5. After Friday, October 23, students will not be able to go back and access units 1-5. All unsubmitted assignments MUST be turned in by Friday. If they are not submitted by Friday at midnight, those assignments will receive zeroes. There is a review powerpoint listed in Tuesday's announcement to help study by :)

Mme Laurie Gaitskill - NCVPS French 2

Unit 6 will start Monday, October 26.