Bulldog Digital Academy Updates

November 6, 2020

Please Call the BDA At:

216-475-8105 ext. 53036 for absences, questions, to share successes!

Grades Are Coming Soon

Attention Parents

We are nearing the end of the first quarter, and grades will be coming out very soon.

Please make sure to check ProgressBook for updated grades and missing assignments. All of our teachers are trying their hardest to get all students in good standing. Please talk with your children to ensure they are completing what they need to complete. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher(s).

Is the BDA Changing? I Want My Child to Stay in the BDA.

I know that there are lots of questions around what is going to happen with the district right now in regards to the pandemic and hybrid schedule.

Please note that if your child is currently in the BDA, they are able to stay the entire year! We actually prefer it! We love your kids and all of you.
As soon as I get more information regarding the district in general or changes being made to the BDA, I will share that right away.

There is so much up in the air right now, that we want to have a solid plan moving forward.

Thank you for all of your patience and support.

We Are A Team - Is Your Child Trying Their Best?

Thank you for reaching out to the BDA team members with all concerns regarding your child's education. Please note that the teachers are working very hard to ensure that all students are passing and successful in their classes. That being said, the students need to do their part as well. The students need to be in class at the designated times, trying their best, asking questions, completing their work, etc. If your child is struggling, please reach out to your child's teacher(s) right away. Please do not wait until the end of the quarter when grades are due. We ALL want your child to be successful, and we will do everything in our power to help that happen. This is a different way of learning that can be easier for some, and also harder for others. We are a team. You as the parent, us as the educators, and your child are all one team for one common goal, educational success. Please always reach out to the teacher first as they are the ones that will be able to help right away, but please know that you can always reach out to me, Mrs Morris, as well. We appreciate all that you do for our students each and every day.

Asynchronous Wednesdays

The district has chosen to move ahead with Wednesdays being our asynchronous day (this just means offline and completing work). Our teachers will each have set office hours, planning time, and time set aside to work with groups that need extra help or that need enrichment to push them forward. Each Wednesday there may be different groups, or it may be the same groups each week. Your teacher(s) will be sending you a schedule of what their Wednesdays will look like, and they will also be inviting your child to join their small groups. Please note that this is a great time for your child to get assistance if they are struggling, they don't understand the content, or to get caught up on work that is not complete. This is very exciting to us in the BDA as this will give us time to help our students and to also communicate with you. Please reach out to your child's teacher(s) if you have any questions.

Coats for Kids

**BDA students are also able to go at these times for pickup as well**

GH Middle and Elementary Schools Kick off the 2020 Coats for Kids Program!

Please find your child’s school building listed below for pick-up dates, times, and details.

Middle School: November 11th, 3-5 pm

Elmwood Elementary: Monday, November 9th through Thursday, November 12th from 8-3 pm. Pick up at Door I. NOTE: Please call 216-475-8110 before pick-up to notify the staff what size(s) you will need for your student(s).

Maple Leaf Elementary: Monday, November 9th through Thursday, November 12th from 8-3 pm. Pick up at Door B (gym). Questions? Please contact Ms. Hodge @ 216-662-3800 x54008 or towenshodge@ghbulldogs.org

William Foster Elementary: Monday, November 9th through Thursday, November 12th from 8-3 pm. NOTE: Please call 216-475-8123 before pick-up to notify the staff what size(s) you will need for your student(s).

Administrator Notes

Mrs. Morris's Reflections

- Please note that after office hours, teachers may not be able to respond until the next business day. I encourage my teachers to make time for their own families while also being responsive to our parents. Please give them 24 hours to respond. We appreciate all of you!

- Late start Thursday is no longer happening in our district. Please make sure that your child is logged on the same time on Thursdays that they are for the other four days of school.

- If you would like to join the BDA remind group, please text 81010 @ghcsbda

- Please make sure that you are logging on and checking Progress Book to see what assignments are missing for your child and their current grades. Google Classroom is a wonderful platform, but it will not show you the missing assignments.

- Please make sure your child is logged on, camera on, and ready to go at the start of each class.

- Please make sure that your child is completing their work. I know it is tempting to jump in and help them, but we need them to do the work. We need this to be as much like school as possible, and we need the students interacting and doing their work. Please also know that if you need to assist your child logging on and or navigating to a particular place, we appreciate that, but we can not have you logged on in the classroom as well all day. We can only allow our students to be logged into the zoom call. There are many reasons for this, and we appreciate your support and understanding on this matter.

- Make sure you are using the computer for the appropriate use. They are for attending class and completing school work. Teachers are reporting that some students are on all kinds of websites, chatting with each other, playing around on their camera, so please talk to your child about appropriate use and internet safety. Most of this is occuring in the afternoon.

- When on zoom with your teachers and classmates in class, it is to be treated as if you were at school physically together. Appropriate language both verbally and in the chat is mandatory. Poor language and inappropriate actions will result in disciplinary action and being removed from the lesson.

- Please also limit the use of phones. Teachers report that some students are texting and talking on the phone during the lesson. This not only takes away from your child, but all of the rest of them on the zoom lesson.

- You may want to consider using headphones to drown out the noise in the home/daycare so that you can focus on the teacher and student discussions that occur each day. Several teachers have mentioned that the students are struggling to hear their teachers due to their siblings, pets, and/or atmosphere being too loud and distracting and/or that of their classmates. Please create a quiet place for your child to be in during their learning.

- Please limit the snacks, eating, and restroom breaks unless it is an emergency. Teachers are giving the students breaks for those things to be taken care of throughout the day. Please treat this digital learning time as you would in the physical building.

- As adults, guardians, parents, we also need to be mindful of our actions, language, and dress while your child is on zoom in class. Students are looking at their cameras and seeing or hearing inappropriate adults is not ok for anyone's child. Please be mindful.

- If your child is going to be absent, leave early, or come late - please call 216-475-8105 ext 53036 and let us know so we can mark the attendance correctly. If we are on the other line, please leave a message, and we will check it regularly. Please do not call the student's home school, please call the mentioned number and extension.

- Best way to reach our teachers is through their email, and they are all listed below. It is wonderful to have Google Classroom, Google phone numbers, Remind, etc, but teachers are requesting that you contact them through their email. This is the easiest and quickest way for them to track their messages, responses, and give help where they can. We do not want to miss any of your questions or concerns, so please email the teachers. We are here to assist however we can. Please note that the teacher should also be the first contact as they will usually have the right answer before we will.

- Best way to reach me is also through my email. I am able to answer those the quickest whether I am on the phone or in a meeting.

Upcoming Events

November 13------------------------No School - Elementary Conferences (K-5), Middle School still -------------------------------------------------attends (Grades 6-8)

November 19------------------------Middle School Conferences 4:00-7:00 PM

November 25------------------------No School - Teacher Comp Day

November 26 & 27----------------Thanksgiving Break

December 23-31 -------------------Winter Break

January 22----------------------------End of 2nd Quarter

January 29----------------------------Professional Day - No School for Students

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Bulldogs Digital Academy Staff


Melissa Irvine mirvine@ghbulldogs.org

Alyssa Reichard areichard@ghbulldogs.org

First Grade:

Melissa Flood mflood@ghbulldogs.org

Amy Halusker ahalusker@ghbulldogs.org

Second Grade:

Heather Corporan hcorporan@ghbulldogs.org

Ashley McWilliams amcwilliams@ghbulldogs.org

Jen Molnar jmolnar@ghbulldogs.org

Third Grade:

Christina Brown cbrown@ghbulldogs.org

Krystal Parnin kparnin@ghbulldogs.org

Leigh Ann Pustai lpustai@ghbulldogs.org

Fourth Grade:

(ELA)Marcie O’Hanlon mohanlon@ghbulldogs.org

(Math) Jamie Shaw jdshaw@ghbulldogs.org

(Science) Lori Frank lfrank@ghbulldogs.org

(S.Studies) Carrie Spelich cspelich@ghbulldogs.org

Fifth Grade:

(ELA) Martha Hach mhach@ghbulldogs.org

(Math) Debby Hrin dahrin@ghbulldogs.org

(Science) Lisa Mullins lamullins@ghbulldogs.org

(S.Studies) Melissa Herman mherman@ghbulldogs.org

Sixth Grade:

(ELA) Katie Skocdopole kskocdopole@ghbulldogs.org

(Math) Nick Lawrinson nlawrinson@ghbulldogs.org

(Science) Jon Mockbee jcmockbee@ghbulldogs.org

(S.Studies) Jill Cooke jcooke@ghbulldogs.org

Seventh Grade:

(ELA) Nicole Thomas nthomas@ghbulldogs.org

(Math) Carla Brayer cbrayer@ghbulldogs.org

(Science) Victoria Tomasheski vatomasheski@ghbulldogs.org

(S.Studies) Benjamin Harreld bharreld@ghbulldogs.org

Eighth Grade:

(ELA) Dave Schillero dschillero@ghbulldogs.org

(Math) Keith Kneisel kkneisel@ghbulldogs.org

(Science) Bethany Guzoski bguzoski@ghbulldogs.org

(S.Studies) Alyssa Maki amaki@ghbulldogs.org

Intervention Specialists

(K-5 Maple Leaf) Annie Jennings ajennings@ghbulldogs.org

(K-5 William Foster) Nora Lopez nclopez@ghbulldogs.org

(K-5 Elmwood) Amy Pullen apullen@ghbulldogs.org

(6th Grade) Lana Mastroianni lmastroianni@ghbulldogs.org

(7th Grade) Nicole Ramos nramos@ghbulldogs.org

(8th Grade) Molly Dise mdise@ghbulldogs.org


(Technology) Shannon Bailor srbailor@ghbulldogs.org

(Librarian/Story Time) Kelly Rose krose@ghbulldogs.org

(Academic Support) Carolyn Angello cmangello@ghbulldogs.org

(Guidance Counselor) Michael Banyasz mbanyasz@ghbulldogs.org

(Support/Secretary) Connie Kingsmill ckingsmill@ghbulldogs.org

(Administrator) Brynn Morris bmorris@ghbulldogs.org

Click below to see a little bit about each staff member:


Things to Know...

1. If your child has to be absent - a phone call still needs to be placed so that we can mark him excused. Please call 216-475-8105 ext. 53036.

2. We will be using the Remind app to get in touch with you throughout the day and also to deliver much needed information directly to your phone. Please make sure to sign up for this by texting 81010 @ ghcsbda

Troubles With Your Chromebook

**If you are having technical issues, please contact your child's teacher first. If they are unable to fix the problem, please complete the tech ticket below so our technology department can look into the issue to assist.**

Create a ticket:


Here is the link to the website: https://apps.learn21.org/GarfieldHeightsOH/one2one/Kiosk#MatchAssignment

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Meal Service for Our Students

Grab & Go Meals Survey

We are excited to offer meal service to our students during virtual learning. We want to make meals accessible to you.

There will be 2 options available:
-- "Grab & Go" curbside meal service, where families can drive to a designated school and pick up meals for their student(s) daily OR
-- "Direct to you Delivery Service," where we will deliver 1 day's worth of food (breakfast & lunch) directly to your house for each student.

Please note: Some students may not be eligible for Delivery Service if they live very close to a school.

Please complete this survey to help us create a plan that best serves you & your family!


Extra Support/Services Needed???

If your child or family could benefit from:

- Counseling services

- Mental health services

- Education and prevention services

- Consultation services

- Home visits and support

- Anger management

- Many other services and supports

Please contact Mrs. Gina Wilson, Family and Civic Engagement Coordinator


Middle School Bell Schedule

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Student Expectations For Zoom

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