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Commitment to Excellence 12/9/16

Looking for a Brain Break next week? Here's two to use with students:

1:1 Computing Roll out Video

One to One Roll Out
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See the December 14th edition of your local paper for the complete article:

When students are given the tools and freedom to think, decide, explore, question, fail, and believe that what they think, design and create, has no limitations, learning transforms from a linear exploration of knowledge, into a creative catalytic experience that pushes innovation and inspiration forward.

Instead of offering answers, makerspaces supply questions. The curriculum is student directed, experimental, explorative, open-ended, and centered on Socratic discussion. Foundationally a makerspace is precisely as the word suggests — an accessible space designated and equipped with tools and resources for individuals to design, prototype, create and collaborate with others. Makerspaces combine old school techniques, such as woodwork and welding with new age digital technology that allows for a diversity of inspiration and innovation to be explored and developed. Unlike strictly one subject CTE courses, such as Woodshop, Welding, Auto-Mechanics, Art, Printing, or Digital Design, Makerspace classes are all about interdisciplinary, cross-genre teaching and creating.

In Makerspace classes students ultimately set the tone for what is possible.

Three years ago Portola High School started an official Makerspace class taught by Ben Harston the CTE teacher. According to Harston it was a natural extension to his already established teaching style. He stated “I’ve never taught linearly, I’d rather find moments to teach within the project, rather than give students start to finish instructions.”

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Houghton Mifflin K-6 ELA Support

At the request of teachers, Judy Puckett from Houghton Mifflin returned to PUSD to provide demo lessons at IVES and CRC using the new Journeys curriculum. In addition to modeling Day 1 and Day 2 direct instruction for observing teachers, Judy engaged students in Glossary Race and vocabulary choral response. Following the lessons, teachers had the opportunity to debrief with Judy and review specifics about the curriculum components and Think Central. Two important messages from Judy: 1. There are more materials than can be possibly used. Be selective. 2. Students reading at grade level or above should read the anchor text independently while the teacher reads the text to below grade level readers (max. 6 students).

District Wide Writing Assessment, grades 7, 9 and 11

ELA teachers gathered for two days of collaboration and scoring of the District Wide Writing Assessment (DWWA). All 7-12 PUSD ELA teachers scored argument essays using a common rubric for grades 7, 9, and 11. Teachers collected data and created a plan to drive further instruction at all sites. Focus areas will include citation formats, instruction in evidence support and commentary, and practice writing counterarguments. Teachers will continue to encourage student growth in organization, personal voice, and formal writing techniques. Resources were shared for sentence frames, transitions, and citation formats. The ELA teachers reported that these two days were extremely useful to them in improving upon their practice. Thank you to PUSD for providing a valuable professional learning opportunity, and thank you also to Karen Miller and Celeste Higby, co-ELA vertical Team Lead Teachers, for their hours of preparation in making the DWWA experience meaningful for our students and teachers.

Come and share your priorities for Measure B funding!

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Strengthening the Start

PUSD is focusing on a strong start to each class period or learning opportunity, honing in on these three areas:

Learning Environment: A sustained, successful start routine promoting positive behavior and a positive learning environment is evidenced for all students.

Instructional Time: A sustained, successful start routine optimizing efficient and effective student learning is evidenced for all students.

Student Engagement: All students actively participate and engage in the sustained, successful start expectations.

What is a Maker Space? Join Tech Tuesday, 12/13 to learn more!

What is a MakerSpace?

Tech Tuesday, 3:30-4:00

Join Kristy via Google Hangout for Tech Tuesday, every Tuesday from 3:30-4:00 where we talk about a specific tech tool. All are welcome! Join if you have something to share about the topic or want to learn more!

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You can also go to our district website, www.pcoe.k12.ca.us and navigate to the Curriculum Department, where you will see a section on Tech Tuesday. Follow the link from that page to get to the Google Hangout!

Upcoming topics:

12/13 Maker Space

1/3/17 SeeSaw

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Instructional Coaches

Our Instructional Coaches are here for you!

Contact them at:

Yvonne: ycasalnuovo@pcoe.k12.ca.us

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Upcoming Dates

12/8 Science Vertical Team meeting- rescheduled to 1/9/16

12/13 5th/6th grade collaboration- postponed

1/9 Science Vertical Team meeting

1/10 1:1 computing collaboration day

1/13 Social Studies Vertical Team meeting

Monday Professional Learning Communities Schedule

12/12 Elementary- Grade Level Google Hangouts (Look for the invite link from your Grade level lead)


QHS- Independent Planning

1/9 Elementary- Site PLC

CHS, GHS, PHS- Independent Planning

QHS- Site PLC with IC Susan

1/23 Elementary- Site PLC, ICs @ CES

CHS, GHS, PHS, QHS - Report Card preparation

1/30 Elementary- Independent Planning

CHS, GHS, QHS- Independent Planning

PHS- Site PLC with Instructional Coaches, Susan and Yvonne

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