Different colors

Racism is still here

J.C Harmon

On the right hand we have an image of 3 students, both sitting right next to each other but, only the 2 african americans speaking to each other. We have a problem with communicating in my school you will most likely see races stick with each other. No violence is going on but they are segregating themselves.

Outside out school

It isn't only inside of school, literally! we had one day where our school building was to hot so we were allowed to be outside. Students began going with their own race , the image here shows a line of boys all Hispanic. These students were watching as others played soccer, but the ones playing soccer were only hispanics.


i honestly think its time for change, once again below we see a photo of these students segregating themselves. 3 Hispanics interacting with each other and 2 african americans, again next to each other but not talking to each other. if we aren't talking to different people what fun is that? one of my favorite persons is an african american whom is muslim. My friend gave me the chance to know about her culture a bit better and if we can't do that then what fun it there?
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