Year 4 News

Week beginning February 29th 2016

How We Express Ourselves

We have begun our new unit of inquiry in fabulous style with the Year 4 Show!

Our new Central Idea

Over time people have communicated using visual arts in diverse ways.

The children will learn through a variety of learning engagements based on the following inquiry questions:

  • How have visual arts changed over time?

  • What are the diverse ways in which artists can express themselves?

  • What are the different elements and techniques used in visual arts?

In this unit the students will explore what art means to them. They will experience different periods in Art history and explore how art has changed over time. Children will reflect on work from these periods and create their own art in a similar style. The summative assessment for the unit is to research a period in Art History and to show their appreciation of the artistic style. Using similar techniques, they will create their own piece of art work and evaluate it.

Upcoming Y4 Trip Help

Over the next few weeks we will be going on two trips which will help us 'tune in' to our next unit which is 'Sharing the planet'.
Each class will follow the Buffalo Trail at Ark Eden on Lantau and will visit the Mai Po Nature Reserve (WWF). Please read below for the dates of each classes trip.

We do need parent volunteers for both of these trips please.

Mai Po is a full day trip within school hours. Ark Eden is a full day trip and we will return to the Central Ferry Piers at 4.30pm where the children will need to be collected.

If you are able to accompany your child's class on either of these trips, please inform your child's class teacher as soon as possible. Children will not need to bring any money or octopus cards for the trips. However, if you would like to come with your class to Ark Eden you will need to pay for the ferry yourself.

We will need 1-3 parents per class for the Mai Po trip and at least 3-4 parents per class for the Ark Eden trip.

Children will wear PE kit for their trip to Ark Eden and their normal school uniform for the trip to Mai Po. They will need to bring snack, lunch and water for both trips.


In maths we are continuing with multiplication and division. We are looking at strategies for the children to build a toolkit of approaches for solving mathematical problems. We will be teaching shape within this unit and the children will be sorting, drawing, describing and classifying regular and irregular two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects using appropriate vocabulary.


Children will experience reading. analysing and writing poems within this unit and also write an assessed narrative piece this term.

General notices

  • Please remember to sign your child's reading record after hearing them read each night.

  • Please make sure your child has enough stationary in school. At this time in the year they often need replenishing!! Pencils, sharpeners, glue, a ruler and an eraser are essential. Check the list on the VLE.

  • Please note that for Hockey children need to have shin pads and a mouth guard (they can be purchased from the PTA for $50.00 each). Rugby requires a mouth guard as well.

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Upcoming dates for your diaries

7 March 4D ArK Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

8 March 4M ArK Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

9 March 3C and 3W bakesale

10 March 4S Mai Po Trip

11 March 4M Mai Po Trip

14 March 4C Mai Po Trip

15 March 4J Mai Po Trip

16 March Year 3 Bake Sale 3O, 3T, 3R

17 March 3 Way Conferences 3.45 - 6.15pm

18 March 3 Way Conferences 8.30 - 3.20pm

18 March Year 4 Parent Consultations with Chinese Teachers 8,30 - 3pm

21 March 4D Mai Po Trip

21 March 4S ArK Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

22 March 4C ArK Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

23 March 4J ArK Eden Buffalo Trail Trip

24 March End of term 12 noon

Homework is on the VLE

Year 4 Homework is written on the VLE: Please remind your child to login and check the homework for this week.