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Size of the planet

It is 2,106 miles

Color of the planet

The color is red.

What is Mars made of

It is made out of talcum powder. Beneath the layer of dust , the Martian crust consists mostly of volcanic basalt rock . The soil of Mars also hold nutrients such as sodium , potassium , chloride and magnesium.

How far away is your planet from the sun

It is 141.6 million miles

Geographic feature of Mars

Areography entails the delineation and characterization of regions on Mars.
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How many moons "

It has two moons named Phobos , and Deimos
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How many days/months/years does it take to Mars to revole around the sun

It take 686.971 Earth days to orbit around the sun


  1. Mars is named after the Roman god of war because of its blood red.
  2. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in the solar system.
  3. Mars once had water flowing on it and has ice caps at its poles