Virgin Islands National Park

By:Tarynn Fiscus

Today you will learn about the history, geography, and life in the Virgin Islands National Park. It truly is one of the most amazing, wonderful, and beautiful place on earth and you should definitely aspire to go there.


Around Virgin Islands National Park it is so beautiful that you can't help but notice that there is so much happening in nature. In the area of the Virgin Islands there are birds, fish, and mammals. The climate there is usually around 78 °F (32 °C). It also rains between 45 and 50 inches a year! There is also a lot of lush tropical vegetation there. There is just so much stuff going on around the area it's just amazing. To see it would just be great.


In the Virgin Islands past a ton of cool stuff happened. Christopher Columbus originally named the park Las Once Mil Virgenes and over the years became Virgin Islands. It has been a national park since August 2, 1956.That is why it is so fabulous.


The geography of the park is really neat as well. Remains of Danish sugar mills can be found. It is located in St. John. It is more than 7,000 acres large, that’s pretty titanic.

As you can see the park is really fascinating!

The Virgin Islands National Park is a really amazing and beautiful place. I hope you enjoyed learning about it.