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Jordan is located in the Middle East and Northwest of Saudi Arabia. Also some of there important resources found in Jordan are phosphates, potash, and shale oil. And Jordan was also discovered in 1949. Last there irrigated land is 964 square miles.

What's going on in Jordan right now which was last year of 2015 of March Jordan took place in Saudi Arbia they all led air strikes on Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Term #1

Our first term we found was Photphate, which means a mineral of salt used in fertilizers. And you could use this for gardens and the grass, and ect.

Term #2

Our second term is Erg which means, a huge area of shifting sand dunes in the Sahara. So these would most likely to be in the desert.

Question #1

" Do children get good academics as the US or maybe do they get at least some academics for children at a young age?" Some people said next year they will get there kids into academics again.

Question #2

We asked "Does Jordan speak any other languages in Jordan?" Some adults said, they speak Arabic which is what they usually speak in.

Question #3

Last we asked "How hard is it living in Jordan." People there said it is hard to find a job and a place to stay in one spot for a while.