Eagle's Eye View

Parent Edition, 15 October 2015

From the Principal's Desk / Desde el escritorio del director

Dear Parents of Zarrow,

I hope that this edition of our school newspaper finds you all well and in good spirits. It is my privilege, once again, to share a link with you that supports the positive benefits of a young child becoming bilingual. I hope that all of you enjoy reading these scientifically researched-based articles and are reinsured that your children are receiving the best education possible…in TWO languages. It is a wonderful idea that our students are not only bilingual, but they are also able to listen, speak, read, and write in a second language. Being bilingual is wonderful, but being bilingual AND biliterate is powerful. The long term effects of the bilingual brain are innumerable. Thank you, as always, for your dedication in the excellence of education. More so, thank you for supporting a growing mindset that helps enhance a child's education in not only one, but in two languages. It is wonderful to be part of a much bigger world. We are blessed that Tulsa Public Schools helps offer an education centered around a multilingual world. I am excited to continue the year with you and with your children. This is the best school in the nation and thank you for making that possible. My best to you all!


Sr. Kellito


Estimados padres de Zarrow,

Espero que esta edición de nuestro periódico escolar se encuentra a todos ustedes muy bien y de buen humor. Es un privilegio, una vez más, para compartir un enlace con usted en que es compatible con los beneficios positivos de un niño pequeño haciéndose bilingüe. Espero que todos ustedes disfruten leyendo estos artículos científicamente basadas en investigaciones y que estén reasegurados que sus hijos reciban la mejor educación posible ... en dos idiomas. Es una idea maravillosa que nuestros estudiantes no sólo son bilingües, pero también son capaces de escuchar, hablar, leer y escribir en un segundo idioma. Siendo bilingüe es maravilloso, pero siendo bilingüe Y biletrado es poderoso. Los efectos a largo plazo del cerebro bilingüe son innumerables. Gracias, como siempre, por su dedicación en la excelencia de la educación. Más aún, gracias por el apoyo a una mentalidad de crecimiento que ayuda a mejorar la educación de un niño, no sólo en uno, sino en dos idiomas. Es maravilloso ser parte de un mundo mucho más grande. Hemos sido bendecidos que las escuelas públicas de Tulsa ayuda a ofrecer una educación centrada en un mundo multilingüe. Estoy muy emocionado de continuar el año con ustedes y con sus hijos. Esta es la mejor escuela en la nación y gracias por hacer esto posible. ¡Mis mejores deseos para todos ustedes!


Sr. Kellito


PTA News

Zarrow Family,

We are excited to kick off Red Ribbon Week 2015! The theme this year is: Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.

There are many ways to participate:

Make your hand print for the school-wide banner, pledging to be drug free. We invite all students, parents and faculty to join us.

Submit an idea for next year's theme to the national Red Ribbon Week organization. The class with the winning idea will win a pizza party!

Enter the Red Ribbon Week Essay Contest. (5th graders only)

Celebrate the events of the week:

Thursday, Oct. 22

Decorate RRW hand prints that will be sent home in Thursday folders & return them Friday. Parents, please ensure your child's full name and grade are included in the hand print.

Monday, Oct. 26

Keeping our bodies Healthy and Clean (wear jeans)

School-wide banner signing with our hand prints

Tuesday, Oct. 27

Shade out drugs (wear sunglasses)

Classroom RRW 2016 theme contest (winning class will receive a pizza party on Friday!)

Wednesday, Oct. 28

Put a Sock on drugs (wear red or crazy socks)

Thursday, Oct. 29

Put a Cap on drugs (wear hats)

Friday, Oct. 30

Respect Yourself, Be Drug Free (wear red shirts with school uniform bottoms)

Pizza party for 2016 theme contest winner

Thank you for your commitment to keep your student healthy and drug free!

Crystal Goree

Red Ribbon Week Chair 2015

- Art to Remember

-Artwork is being finished up this week. Great stuff!!

-Artwork will be shipped out Mon. 10/5

-Personalized order forms will be shipped from AtR to be distributed to the students. 10/5-Arrive 10/20

-Orders form & monies to be handed out 10/21. Order deadline 10/30

-Personalized products will be returned to us by 11/3

- Credit Card Payments and Donations

Hello, ZIS Families!

Your generosity in supporting our kids and teachers at ZIS continues to be inspiring. Thank you for all you do! Because of you, our teachers have additional instructional items for their classrooms, our kids have field trips and science enrichment, our grounds are maintained and beautified, just to name a few.

As you are likely aware, ZIS PTA is able to accept credit cards at some events via our Square card readers. So far - we've seen a big response when we offer this payment option, and people seem to enjoy the convenience of paying via card rather than carrying cash or writing a check. The ZIS PTA board would like to continue offering this payment option and plans to expand the items for which we can accept credit cards to include all sorts of purchases and donations. The funds are direct-deposited to our account, and come with detailed reporting about where they belong in our budget - all a big help in making our fiscal operations run smoothly.

Like a lot of third-party services, Square charges a small transaction processing fee. For example, if you charged a PTA membership ($6.00), there would be a $0.17 fee, meaning Square would deposit $5.83 into our account. While that little deduction isn't much - over a whole PTA's worth of transactions, it adds up.

The Board has approved the the addition of a surcharge of 2.75% (equal to Square's fee) to be attached to items paid via credit card. Sticking with our membership example, your PTA membership would cost $6.17 if paid via credit card. We will begin implementing this surcharge now, and want to make sure there are no surprises the next time you choose this option for a payment or donation.

We are confident that the security and convenience of credit card payment options will be beneficial all the way around. We trust that you will feel the same way about it, and appreciate your patience as we bring more items online into the Square system. We will, of course, still accept cash and checks as always.

If you have any questions, concerns, or good ideas, please reach out to me at andymcmillan00@gmail.com, or to PTA President Sharon Catalano at slbcatalano@yahoo.com.

Thanks again!

Andy McMillan


Foundation Focus

· Fancy Fundraiser for ZIS Foundation

- ZIS Rustic Cuff bracelet orders must now be turned in by 10 a.m. on October 22 for delivery by Christmas (previous deadline was 10/30)

- Order sparkly ZIS logo shirts through the end of the month

· Family surveys are going out this week. Each family that completes the survey is eligible for a drawing to win a ZIS Rustic Cuff.

· Please consider making a larger donation by clicking here: http://zarrowschoolfoundation.org/donate/

· Foundation’s mission – to fund para teacher salaries and need-based exchange scholarships

· Check out the updated Foundation Website - http://zarrowschoolfoundation.org/

· Questions about the foundation? Contact Jeff Tracy Jeff.B.Tracy@P66.com or 918-707-0622

La Llamada de Aguila, VOL 1 octubre 2015 is now available!

A Word from the Counselor

This month our character trait is honesty. I want to share a story with you that illustrates honesty. When I was six or seven years old, my mother took me to TG&Y (a dime store in Utica Square). The store had a fabulous aisle of candy. I was hungry and took a Hershey’s candy bar. When I got in our blue DeSoto, I announced I was going to eat my candy bar. Mother asked me where I had gotten the candy. I announced that I got in when I was in TG&Y. Well, my mother quickly marched me into the store and asked for the manager. I had to explain to the manager that I had helped myself to the Hershey’s bar. I returned the candy to the manager with much humiliation. I apologized with a quavering voice. I am forever grateful to my precious 91 year old mother who taught me a valuable lesson of being honest. And she told me more than once that “When you look in the mirror, you want to be able to respect yourself and smile. Telling the truth definitely contributes to being able to do that.

Below are the combined guidelines we are using for the rubric for honesty to select the boy and girl from each class that best exemplifies honesty. They are:

We tell the truth regardless of the consequences.

We admit when we are wrong.

We respect other people’s stuff.

We keep promises and commitments.

We do not gossip or spread rumors.

“A conscience is that voice in your head, and that feeling in your heart, that tells you if something is right or wrong, even when no one is looking.”

I am grateful to be a part of all the good things at Zarrow!

Ann Butler, Counselor

We have created a wonderful program that allows our 5th graders to be “big friends and leaders” within our school.

Once a week a fifth grade student will befriend one of our younger students by having lunch with the child.

We are excited to potentially create a special bond among our agúilitas!

Viva Zarrow!

Zarrow Families:

I hope by now everyone has heard about Zarrow’s biggest party of the year! The evening of March 5th will be your opportunity to attend Viva Zarrow! This adult-only event is the largest fundraiser of the year. The committee is already hard at work getting prepared for this special evening and we want everyone to make plans to be there.

As the planning begins and we get moving we want your input! We are headed back to the 80’s!! We are holding two meetings in October for you to come out and hear what plans have been made and what we still need help with. This is your opportunity to find that perfect place to get plugged in. If you enjoy a good party and have great ideas you want to share please make plans to attend one of these two meetings:

*October 21st at 5:30pm in the school cafeteria

*October 22nd at 8:30am in the school cafeteria

Start digging out your leg warmers and MC Hammer pants! We are headed back to the 80’s!!

Rachel Simpson

Viva Zarrow Chair


¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

October 26 - Karen Green

October 28 - Jorge Bravo