13 Reasons Why

By Jay Asher

13 reasons why

I choose this book because, my family recommend this book because they said it was a good book to read also that I would like it. So I did this book made me think "wow" how could do this to a girl who barely has anyone to talk to. Another thing was that they would never let her go to any other place for he to be happy and be free. The only one that she had was Clay. This mad me think that there was no way for her to keep this from him. This really made me think that there was no way for them to keep it to them selfs.

13 reasons why

Hannah Baker isn't kidding around when she makes those tapes. Also when clay gets his hands on them. When this happens she feels free when she finally lets go of all her emoitions up in here heart. Are all let out from her. After she does that clay found a way to get his hands on them. Also when he does this isnt a good thing for hannah as she slowly puts it all together she finally finds out and trys everything to make it stop. But as soon as he got them hannah wants to comite suicde.


13 reasons why.

In the end I mainly thought that it was about a girl who had one frien and didnt have anything but him. When this happens to her I really thought to my own mind to never get anything happen to anyone who i`ve known or still no to this day I will all ways try to protect them in any way that i can with all my heart.