Glorious Revolution

By Ethan Hankal

What was the Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution was a time in England history basically over a struggle between the Kings and Parliament. Leading up to it there was a Civil War in which Oliver Cromwell was the victor and Charles II being the loser. Charles two sons where put in exile until Cromwell's death in 1658. Charles II became the new king and was king until his death in 1685. One of the things done by him was taking a limited income. James II took over after his brother and had the most problems with parliament which led to William and Mary getting an army and driving him out. The English Bill of Rights was established assuring England's freedom from kings with absolute power.

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell was a English soldier and statesman who helped to defeat Charles I in the Civil War of 1642. Cromwell served as a deputy commander in the Battle of Naseby which helped to start a line of victories for the New Model Army. After winning the war Cromwell became know as the Lord Protector of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland until his death in 1658.

Charles II

Born in 1630 to Charles I he was put in exile with his brother James until the death of Oliver Cromwell. Charles II became the new king in 1661 and would have a restoration agreement with Parliament. He would also honor the petition of right and accepted a limited income. In his later years he would convert to Catholicism after a treaty with Louis XIV of France. He died on February 6, 1685.

James II

He was the brother of Charles II and was exiled just like him after their fathers death. After the restoration of his brother he was made the Duke of Albany. After his brothers death James II was made king. He and parliament did not get along very well and after many rebellious acts James distrusted his subjects. In 1688 William of Orange led an army into England in which made James escape to France. James would die on September 16, 1701 in exile.

William and Mary

After William led a successful attack on England forcing James II to flee it left England with no king. Mary being James II daughter had the right to the throne but wanted William to have it as he felt that he should. From 1689-1694 they ruled together in a joint monarchy but William ruled by himself after Mary's death. He ruled until 1702 at his own death. The English Bill of Rights was created under them ensuring that parliament would have control over taxes and legislation. This act would give England freedom form an absolute ruler.

Impact of the Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution had a big impact not only on England but for the rest of the world. One example of this is America which came from English colonies. When trying to set up the new government the American leaders set our government up closely to theirs in a way. They did not want a king or absolute ruler to have all the power so they set up our governing system with the three groups executive, legislative, and judicial branch. America also has a bill of rights much like England to insure the people have the power and freedom from a absolute central power.