Women Between the Rivers

A special issue by the Between the Rivers Times

Hammurabi's Code: Best and Worst Laws (affecting women)

Best Laws:

  • "If a man takes a wife and this woman give her husband a maid-servant, and she bear him children, but this man wishes to take another wife, this shall not be permitted to him; he shall not take a second wife."
  • "If after the woman has entered the man's house, both contracted a debt, both must pay the merchant."

Worst Laws:

  • "If the "finger is pointed" at a man's wife about another man, but she is not caught sleeping with the other man, she shall jump into the river for her husband."
  • "If a "sister of god" open a tavern, or enter a tavern to drink, she shall be burned to death"

Headdress for Sale!

I have a beautiful Golden headdress for sale! It costs 2 minas of gold but it’s worth it! You can be the prettiest girl or woman in your town! Everyone will admire you!

Opinions on Women's Expectations

“I feel that it is unfair that women are expected to always look their best while they are in public”- Resash

“Men don’t always have to look their best, I mean they can get ready to go out in public in like 5 minutes"- Kemodas

“Also to look nice in public it costs money to get all the jewelry and make-up, it is another thing that men don’t have to worry about and spend money on.”- Taylorad

Opinions on wife auctions

I hate wife auctions. Selling women like slaves should be illegal! -Laqeesha

I think that wife auctions are OK. It is an easy way to get cash.- Nepaliaranqus

Wife auctions are the best thing EVER! We can get lots of wives because we are RICH!- Not Drunk (Random drunk guy we found in a bar)

Job Opportunity!

We are now offering 15 new positions in high priestess school! Do you want to have a very high ranking on the social hierarchy? You will learn many prayers and even how to talk to the gods! To get in you have to pay 2.5 minas of gold a session, also your parents must be either scribes, or priests.

First Shipment from a Female Merchant

Tomorrow, the first shipment of goods produced and brought here by a female merchant is arriving! The shipment contains pottery, cloth clothes, and jewelry.

Women in Art

Although the art is mostly made by the women, it rarely depicts them in scenes of power. There have been many accounts of statues of females, but they were all smashed when Ashurbanipal came to rule. From then, there haven't been any women that have depicted themselves in art.

History of Art 3. Ancient Mesopotamia

Famous Women

Personal Interview with Edhuanna

"I was the highest that I could be. I was the high priestess of the Temple of the Moon God. Also I was the daughter of King Sargon! I got stripped from my spot and cast out into the wild lands outside of the city. As I am literate, I just had to write down what really happened to me. Although this brought me back up a little in the pyramid of society, I can never regain my old status. This new king has turned my entire gender into a group that is seen as worthless.

The Great Death Pit

As many of you probably know by now is that Queen Shub-ad has recently died and been buried. But I bet you didn’t know that she was buried with 68 women and only 6 men. Many priests and priestesses were confused about this. Did she bring woman and not men to her after life because she valued women more? Or did she not want to kill lots of men because she thought they were more important to the city-state? We will never know… Finally people are upset that she brought countless amounts of jewelry worth lots of money in with her while many people still are at a loss of money. What do you think?

Queen Shagshag: The Inside Story

Even though everyone one thinks Queen ShagShag is selfish with her employing 1000-1200 people a year; she really isn’t that bad. First of all she claims that the workers are not only for herself but to many people in her Temple, such as her family. Finally Queen ShagShag says that she pays all of her workers a fair amount. This is a direct quote “I pay all of my staff the money they need to maintain their own lives”. Many people do not believe this, and it will be discussed further in our next newpaper.