By Jaime MIranda

What is Cancer?

A disease in which abnormal cells begin to divide uncontrollably and spread into the surrounding tissue that they will destroy later on. Which can cause death, AND DEATH IS BAD!

What Is Bone Cancer?

Another type that only infects the bone. This can lead to obviously bone loss at it eats away the bones it infects. The cells that make up the bone is where the cancer begin to form and eat away from the inside.

What part of the body does it affect?

This cancer can infect these types of bones Frontal, Carpal, Patella, Vertebra, Femur ETC. Anything that is a bone in your body.

The Symptoms of this Cancer:

Pain: swelling can be seen in the area the cancer has infected, touching the swelling or walking will cause extreme pain.

Limping: a fracture in the bone with the tumor can cause limping any where you go.

Joint swelling and stiffness: tumor near the joints can cause pain and less movement where you try to walk or run. Also limits you walking capabilities.

How to Prevent Bone Cancer?

Some changes in your lifestyle can prevent it. Other than that at the moment there is no known lifestyles that we know can prevent this.

How many have survived this?

In the past decade 25 out of 100 people have survived this Cancer. But now its increasing to the point where instead of 25 it will go up 45 out of 100 thats an improvement.