- Save the Date - AMP Testing

Call our office to schedule your date and time for testing

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AMP is required for 3rd-10th Graders.

Participation in State-mandated testing is a REQUIREMENT of your enrollment with Raven Correspondence School.

All Raven families with students in grades 3-10 agreed to the following statement by signing the 2015-2016 Testing Agreement form as part of your enrollment with Raven:

"Raven Correspondence School is a publicly-funded school. As such, we are held to the same measures of accountability as all public schools in Alaska. One such measure is participation in state-wide assessments. Per 4 AAC 06.710 - 4 AAC 06790, the district must require students to participate in the statewide student assessment program as required."

Testing Window Dates

March 29th thru April 15th

Contact the office to schedule your date and time


Memorize Math Formulas:

Starting this year, students will not be given a copy of math formulas during the test.

They are strongly encouraged to memorize the following formulas beforehand.

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Water and Peppermint

Studies have shown that drinking water and enjoying a little peppermint while taking a test increase test scores. However, we would not recommend consuming both simultaneously ;)