5th Grade


Students will learn how to enter data into a spreadsheet using Google Sheets. They will format the spreadsheet and change the font styles to make it visually interesting. Students will use that data to create 7 different charts. They will add spreadsheet, column, row, cell, and formula bar to their Computer Terminology notebook.

Google Chrome, & Google Drive

Students will research to learn how to reload a webpage, use the address bar to search for a website, and how to open, close, and pull tabs in Google Chrome. They will also explore their Google Drive to learn what type of files can be created and how to share, preview, and delete those files. Becoming more familiar with Google Chrome and Google Drive will make it easier to complete future projects.

Computer Terminology

The students will create a Computer Terminology notebook using Google Slides. Not only are they learning the definitions of Google, Google Chrome and Google Drive, but they are also learning to create a slide layout, add text, and insert images.

Digital Portfolio

This year, students will be using Seesaw to create a digital portfolio. They will use the camera to take a picture of themselves, the drawing tools to add to their photo, and the microphone to tell why technology at school is important to them.


The students will spend the first 10 minutes of each class practicing their keyboarding skills. This year, they will be graded on their improvement. I encourage students to practice at home. They can use any of the websites that we have discussed in class as long as they cover their hands with a towel so they don't look at the keys.


The students will spend the first 2 classes going over the classroom procedures and logging into the network and their Google account. They will type the classroom rules and format the text. The students will also use Padlet (a virtual wall) to show that they know what it means to be respectful and responsible in the Computer Lab.

1st Semester

The students in group A will come to the Computer Lab every Wednesday and every other Friday. The students in group B will come to the lab every Monday and every other Friday. I am very excited that I will be seeing the students on a weekly basis all year!!!