Canada's population, environment and government

Where do people live in Canada and why?

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. Although large in size, it has a rather small population of 33 million. For comparison, New York City has a population of 8.5 million, and that's just one city in the United States! Most Canadians live closer to the U.S and Great Lakes where industry is. However, if you want loosen up from civilization, there is plenty of space.
Northern Canada is extremely cold! Even in the summer it's bellow freezing! You would think that there would be no place warm in Canada, but think again. Southeastern Canada is really hot, and Pacific coastal Canada is really rainy. Even though it's really cold in Canada, the southern part is good for farming.
Canada's location really helps with its trade industry. It is surrounded by three oceans; Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific and the Great lakes. That helps with water trading across the world. One of Canada's main exports is fish. It also really helps to be next to the U.S. In fact, 80% of Canada's exports come from the U.S.

Environmental Issues of Canada

While there are many great things about Canada's environment, there are some problems too. The main problems with Canada's environment are acid rain, mining in the Canadian Shield, extracting timber, and pollution in the great lake. First, lets talk about pollution in the great lakes. If you love Canada, then you will like this fact. Although the great lakes are close to Canada, the U.S creates most of the pollution that goes to the great lakes. Secondly, there is acid rain. Acid rain is caused by air pollutants, like gas, fill up in the air, and come down as precipitation. This acid rain can destroy trees, animals, buildings, and more. Another environmental issue in Canada is extracting timber. There are tons of trees in Canada, and cutting down a few is okay, but there is a thing called over extracting. Over extracting is when too many trees are taken out of the environment, and the environment is destroyed. When the people bring in the big heavy machinery, it crushes plants and animal habitats. Last, there is mining in the Canadian Shield. Mining destroys the entire environment around it. The drills and machinery create pollution, and destroys plants and animals. It makes the land vulnerable to erosion. The soil is lost and polluted. This is the destruction from mining.

Famous Places in Canada

The Government of Canada

In Canada, there is a federation. Power is equally divided, between central authority, and regional authority. That means the power is equally divided between states and central government. Canada is also a constitutional monarchy. This means Canada is ruled by someone who has inherited the throne. Finally, Canada is a parliamentary democracy. This means the leader works with or through the legislative branch. The freedoms of Canada have been the same for 800 years all the way back to when Magna Carta assigned the Great Charter Of Freedoms. This gave the people freedom of conscience and religion, freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression (this would mean freedom of speech and press. )