SMART Board Add-Ons

Making the most of your SMART Board Software

Notebook 14 "Extras"

With the purchase of our SMART Advantage License, we have several Add-Ons that are available through the SMART Notebook 14 Software. Today, we are going to focus only on 2 - SMART Response and Maestro, but there is a link to an additional handout that list all of the "Extras" in case you want to try those out too.

SMART Response VE

Seamlessly transition between lesson delivery and assessment. Students can respond to planned and spontaneous questions and quizzes from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere.

There is a separate install for SMART Response. If this is a tool you want to use, please submit a helpdesk ticket to have the SMART Response Add-On installed on your computer.

This just in - SMART Notebook Maestro

Conduct lessons from anywhere in the classroom using your iPad. This add-on will be included with the next SMART update (14.3), but you can download it and use it now.

Other Notebook 14 Extras you MIght want to Try

Link to a more comprehensive handout over all of the extras that come with our Advantage License

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