Wanted Cobalt

By Nathan Kraselsky

Wanted For

Being in Magnets

Used in Jet and Gas turbines

Being used in paint and pottery (makes a deep blue color)

Being used for curing cancer in some countries.

Being used to preserve food in some countries.


The word Cobalt comes from the German word kobald which means goblin. A long time ago miners would get angry because they would find Cobalt instead of tin.

Cobalt's symbol is CO


Cobalt is a metal.

Found as Cobalt ores.

Cobalt is solid at room tempature.

Cobalt is gray, but Cobalt blue is blue.

The atomic number is 27

The atomic mass is 58.933

Is hard, but brittle.

The Discovery

Georg Brandt, a Swedish chemist, discovered Cobalt in 1735 in Sweden inside of a lab.

Georg was born on June 26, 1694 and died of prostate cancer on April 29, 1768 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Last Seen

Cobalt is found in group 9 of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Also Cobalt is found in earths crust.(The outer layer of earth)


There are many compounds and mixtures involved with Cobalt.

  • Cobalt difluoride: CoF2
  • Cobalt sulphide: CoS
  • Cobalt persulphide: CoS2
  • Dicobalt trisulphide: Co2S3
  • Cobalt trifluoride: CoF3
  • Cobalt tetrafluoride: CoF4
  • Cobalt diiodide: CoI2
  • Cobalt oxide: CoO
  • Dicobalt trioxide: Co2O3
  • Tricobalt tetraoxide: Co3O4
  • Cobalt is also looks a lot like iron, nickel, and other metals.
  • A chemical reaction with Cobalt is when you put in acid. When you do this the Cobalt dissolves slowly.

    Is it dangerous?

    Cobalt can be dangerous when you breath in a lot of it. You can get lung cancer because Cobalt is toxic.


    Book- Understanding the Elements of the Periodic Table: Cobalt

    Website- http://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/27/cobalt

    This shows one of the many ways that Cobalt is used. Cobalt is found in wind turbines

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