Donald's 1947

Book by: Don Lemna, Project by: Kate Stahl

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Song number 1: A hit to the face

This fits the book because when is it trying to catch a pop fly in baseball, he collides with someone and the ball hits his face and he gets a bump on his forehead and a black eye.

Song number 2: Embarrassed

After he got hit, he got embarrassed in front of the whole town and he doesn't know what to do. He wanted to quit baseball and try something else so he won't get embarrassed again.

Song number 3: Movies

A day after the accident, his parents would take him to a movie. He got to choose any movie he wanted to see. The movie he chose was "Robin Hood".

Song number 4: The archery set

After he saw the movie, he wanted and archery set. His mother said no. One day in the store window, he saw an archery set for $8.99. He wanted to save up for it.

Song number 5: Beer Bottles

This is when he didn't have enough money to buy and archery set and so he was going to collect beer bottles to get the money. He would need 75 and a half cases of beer bottles. In one case, there are twelve beer bottles. He needed to get $7.55.

Song number 6: Finally

After he has gotten enough bottles, he had got them turned in and then he got the money. When he told his dad, they left 5 minutes later. Once he got there, he paid and got it. He was so happy.

Song number 7: Missed

When Donald was trying to become an archer, he missed his target. He was trying to shoot a stack of hay behind the henhouse but instead, he hit a bull. It got mad and it destroyed their henhouse.

Song number 8: Bullying

When school started he got bullied. It was because of his bad aim when trying to shot they hay. He gets bullied everyday.

Song number 9: Winter

When it is winter, all the boys grab their skates and hockey sticks to play hockey. He is excited because he is very good on the ice.

Song number 10: The Skates

When he is at the rink, he figures out his feet had grown and he needs a new pair. He pleads his mom and dad for new ones but they till to wait for Christmas. After a while his mom says if he would want white figure skates. He said yes. When he went back, all of the boys made fun of his white skates because they were for girls. He got mad and went back home.

Song number 11: Christmas Scheme went Wrong

Donald had made up a scheme to get what he wants for Christmas. He writes a letter to his Aunt Helen who is wealthy. He asked her for a pair of skates. He then asked his parents for a hockey stick. On Christmas morning something went wrong. His aunt didn't get him what he wanted. She got him skis but his parents got him the stick. He went to go test out the stick and puck his parents got him that day but the puck got lost and the stick was ruined by Herman Dubrowski.

Song number 12: Skiing

Later that day, he found himself skiing on suicide hill. Kids were watching him trying to keep his balance. After he kept practicing, he got faster and faster. All of a sudden, the kids want him to go down from the top. He doesn't know if he should do it but he does. At the end, his board brakes. His parents will but him a new one and then they had dinner.

Song number 13: Spring Baseball

During lunch, kids have baseball games. Everyone want Donald to play but he still says no because of what happened last time he played.

Song number 14: Meeting Behind the Meat Market

One day during lunch, Donald and Axel meet behind Haskaine's Meat Market to start a fight. Once they met, Donald noticed that he was pinned to the ground being punched. Annie(Donald's cousin) then comes and starts hitting Axel on the head with a garbage can lid. The next day Axel stopped him to see if Annie liked him. Donald said that she liked him a little and then he never bullied again.

Song number 15: Betraying the Vow

Donald had made a vow to never play baseball again, nut towards the end of the school year, he decides to play again. A friend said that he should become a pitcher. Over the summer, he practices to be a pitcher for the next year.

The End