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AGE ATHLETICS and Wellness Center

  • If you are 50+ this place is for you!! A.G.E. Athletics and Wellness is an organization made purely for the health and rehabilitation for our seniors. Making connections with YOU is what we are all about!

Learn About It!

Programs that we Have

At A.G.E. Athletics and Wellness, we have several different health programs. We have a smoking rehabilitation class, we support the "Whole30 program", and that's not where it ends. We have several more classes, and when you click on the link at the bottom of the page, you will be able to see the class schedules.

Health Classes

Smoking Rehabilitation

Eating Good, the Way You Should

Whole30 [as a group]

Senior Health and Balance

What Can Food Do to Your Body?

Sports and Fitness

A big part of a healthy lifestyle is exercising. We know that here at A.G.E athletics so we offer a variety of classes like yoga, water aerobics and more.

Sports and Fitness Classes That We Offer

We offer:



Water Aerobics


Body Pump



Hot Yoga/Yoga



Cardio Pump




Customer Reviews

"I tried A.G.E. Athletics and Wellness after a cooking incident not expecting much, but now a decade later, I realized that I had forgotten how good it felt to be fit! -Grandma Louis

"After helping that dang rapscallion "find himself", I had a lot of extra energy pent up inside of me... So I turned to A.G.E. Athletics and Wellness, and let me tell you it was the best decision I have ever made." -Edwin Edds

"When I broke my hip for the third time, I realized that it wasn't the artificial hip, it was me, I was the lost cause. At over 200 poundsl it slapped me in the face that I needed to do something fast. I talked to my doctors and they recommended AGE. I started to meet a fitness coach, take classes, and run with a group every Sunday, and it helped me lose pounds easy as one two three. I have lots of friends from AGE athletics and it has had a positive influence on my life, now I have lost 45 pounds and am still going. Thank you A.G.E. Athletics and Wellness, you have rescued me!" - Nana Hopkins

Take A Peek Into A.G.E

Membership Opportunities

Winter Openiing

Saturday, Dec. 6th, 2-5:30pm

A.G.E. Athletics and Wellness, Minneapolis

This is a day where you can pay the sign up fee for only $1! That is right folks, only one dollar. Attend our Winter Opening party and sign up during the event for just one dollar! Our Winter Opening gives you a chance to look at our facility and just see why this place is for you!


In order to enjoy our facility, you must pay a monthly membership fee. The silver membership includes ability to use the relaxation rooms, the gym, take as many classes as you like, take up to 1 health class a week, visit the craft center any time and use basic supplies, and can individually pay for personal trainers for a total of $25 per month. With a golden membership, you can go have an unlimited amount of health classes a week, availability to our spa rooms 3 days a week, plus all of the things in the Silver membership for $50 per month. With a platinum membership you have access to everything in the golden and silver memberships plus, you do not have to pay for extra programs such as the art program and the technology classes, and you have VIP admission to all social events at A.G.E.

Additional Information

Any Questions? If so, just contact us!

Our facility is open to any questions or comments, including suggestions.

Hours Open

Monday-Friday: 5:45am-8:45pm

Saturday 7:00 am-9:00pm

Sunday: 6:00am-6:00pm