Wonder Struck

by Brian SelznIck

by Delaney Gray


Wonder struck is a realistic fiction book that is half words half drawings. The author Brian Selznick, has a wonderful talent with art. He lives in San Diego, California and

Brooklyn, New York. He also wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret, he illustrated some books too such as words of america and Dinosaurs of Warehouse Hawkins.

sumery of the book

Words: Ben is deaf in one ear and has never met his dad. He has a really hard life. Ben often goes to a museum he finds a friend his age, Who will it be?

Drawings: rose is deaf and has a dreadful life her mom who is an actress cant find any time for rose. Read the book to see what happens!

I liked or disliked wonder struck because .....

I liked wonder struck because it was a very breath taking book and I think the author did an amazing job. I disliked the book because it was confusing in some places but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read it is still amazing.

I would not change the end because.....

I would not change the end because I think it will surprise people and will make every one want there to be a wonder struck 2.

Hope you liked it!

I really hope you want to read this book. Its really a suspenseful book, as you read it your on the edge of your seat. You never want to stop. So Keep Calm and Live Wonder Struck!
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