Frightening Floods

Thd Effects of a Flood

The Definition of a Flood

The dictionary defines a flood as a great flowing or overflowing of water, especially over land not usually submerged.

The Effects of a Flood

A flood can cause many things and have multiple effects. Negative effects may include: destruction of crops and property; that is if property is not completly lost. Mass migration is often caused by Floods. Floods do not only effect the enironment. Victims of a flood are greatly effected.Displacement of homes and loved ones can be caused by a flood. Physically,emotionally and financially problems will occur, causing problems for families and individuals. However, in some way floods can help the enviroment and/or people. Domestic use can come out of floods. There is not many positive effects that will come from floods.

The Mississippi River Flood

On April 15th of 1927 the Mississippi River flooded. More than 500,000 lives homes were lost in this tragic event. Over 200 people were killed and many others were injured. Many people's property was detroyed.The rain was so heavy on the tributaries which caused floods in Oaklohama and Kansas to the east of Illinois and Kentucky. Low land eco-regions were effected. The flood also moved through New Orleans.

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