Frenchtown Academic Newsletter

For the week of September 28, 2015

Please join us on THURSDAY at 6:30 for our first Parent Forum on Teaching and Learning!

Please join me and our Fun Friday Liaisons Donnah Mathews, Howard Faunce, Linda Settipane, Laura Santilli, Nikki Berte, Jill Spitzer and Erica Owens as we begin to plan Fun Friday activities for the year. These events bring parents into the grade level, engaging with students in fun and enriching activities!

We'd love to have you join the fun!

Frenchtown Friends celebrating birthdays this week:

Tess M, 10/2

Hayley P, 10/2

Kelsey T, 10/4

In the classrooms: Kindergarten:

Instructional Focus:


Counting to 20 and representing to 5

Parent Newsletter:



Letters: m,n

Word awareness



Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to narrate a single event and provide a reaction to what happened.


We will be doing STAR testing so please make sure to send headphones in with your child. Thank you so much!

Grade 1:

Instructional Focus


We have been learning about addition. The children have been exposed to the words “addend, sum, joining, and all together”. We have been teaching them about part-part- whole boxes. (This shows one part, for example, as 4- the other part as 5 - and the whole as 9).


-Children are being introduced to pieces of the Daily 5. We are reviewing letter sounds from the Fundations program. Children are being challenged to read at their own level. We have been doing baseline narrative written pieces.


We have begun the Balance and Motion science kit. The children have learned terms such as balance, stable positions, unstable positions and counterweights.


We have worked on establishing routines and adjusting to a full academic day. We are establishing rules and procedures and are reviewing the Frenchtown rules of being safe, responsible and respectful.

COA presents STOMP

There will be a student presentation on Wednesday!


Due to mandated capacity posted in the gym, attendance is limited to students and faculty only.