New Carlisle Elementary News

November 2020


November 9 & 11 - Parent / Teacher Conferences

November 11 - Veteran's Day

November 25-27 - No School

The District Site Can Help You

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Tecumseh Local School App

We have a NEW district app. We are no longer using Remind. Please take a minute and download the App to your phone. This will help you with being connected to what is going on in our district. Thank you.

COVID Protocol

New Carlisle Elementary is following all our COVID Protocols to keep everyone safe at school.

  • We are social distancing in each of the rooms, as we walk through the hallways and line up for lunch.
  • We have spread out in classrooms and lunches.
  • Everyone is wearing masks.
We will continue to follow our guidelines to keep everyone safe.

School Work / Chromebooks

If your child is a virtual student in Ms. Dye or Mrs. Sparks' Class, they may have work and items to pick up in the lobby. You are able to come and retrieve those daily from 8:00-4:00.

If your child has been out of school for any reason they may also have work to be picked up in the lobby. Please come between 8:00-4:00 to pick those items up so your child dosn't get too far behind with their school work.

We are still trying to get all the loaned Chromebooks returned. If your child has a Chromebook that was loaned to them please return it so we can get it to the correct student. We are trying to get each and every student a device and case.

Blended Learning

Tecumseh Local Schools is currently doing blended learning with all our students. We have Cohort A coming to school Monday / Tuesday. Then the Cohort B is coming to school Thursday / Friday. This model has students having three days of online learning and instruction. Your child's teacher is posting assignments, doing pre-recorded video lessons to the child's Google Classroom, and sending home hard copies of work. Your child should be working on school related work all five school days. Teachers are also having small groups and or office hours for students if they have questions or need more assistance with a specific lesson or skill. It is important to have your child reach out to the teachers through: Google Classroom, email or showing up at the office hours. As a parent if you need to connect, please also reach out to your child's teacher to ask questions and get clarification.

Ways you can help at home with remote learning:

  • Reduce distractions.
  • Brain breaks for online learning.
  • Time management tips.
  • Provide positive feedback to your child about how hard they are working.
  • Be flexible.
  • Help kids stay in touch with their friends.
  • Reach out to your child's teacher.

TLS Blended Learning Plan for Parents

Staying Positive

At NCES we continue to educate about the R Factor Mindset. Everyday leads us to many different EVENTS that happen each day where we need to navigate for the best OUTCOME. It all comes down to our RESPONSES. How can we as the adults show the kids who are looking up to us, make sure to have the best RESPONSE possible for each situation, when we ourselves are very stress, frustrated and tired?

Just a reminder to try to be more positive when we can. Try to see the good that has come from this rough situation we are all facing.

  • Gathering with those you can in small groups.
  • More time with family.
  • Comfy clothes.
  • Family Game nights.
  • Getting more time outside. (hikes, walks)
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Parent / Teacher Conferences (Nov. 9 & 11)

NCES will be having our Parent / Teacher Conferences November 9 and 11. Teachers are doing these similar to the Meet and Greet style we did at the onset of the year or the traditional way with parents coming into school. Please reach out to your child's teacher to see how to sign up.

Tecumseh Education Connection

The Education Connection is a telephone number that you can call 24-hours a day to listen to your child’s homework assignments, report your child’s absence, hear the lunch menu, find out the scores of the big game, hear about school closings and leave a private message for a staff member.

You will still need to call your child in if they will not be attending school, or doing their online work for the day. We will still need to document attendance. We are marking students with green, yellow and red attendance.

Please use the TEC number for:

  • Calling your child in sick.
  • Leave a voicemail with questions.
  • 937-845-4483

Coming Soon . . .

Positive Referrals

The students at NCES are able to receive positive referrals from staff for going above and beyond. We are so proud of our students who have earned positive referrals during the month.

When students receive a positive referral their photo is taken, the receive a bracelet, candy or a pencil. Additionally, students receiving positive referrals are honored as we hang their photo in the hallway of each student receiving a positive office referral and these students are also honored on our morning announcements which can be viewed on our Youtube channel, and their pictures scroll on the TV in the office. It is really exciting for our students.

Recognized for 2nd Grade:

Recognized for 3rd Grade:

Recognized for 4th Grade:

Recognized for 5th Grade:

WAY TO GO KIDS!!!! You are the good example for others! Keep it up the great work.


NCES has an Instagram account. Please follow us to see the fun and educational happenings at New Carlisle Elementary School. Tell your friends and family to join us too. I try to post pictures almost daily.


New Carlisle Elementary has a Twitter page. Feel free to join @ArrowsNces, to see what is going on at NCES.

PTO We Need You!

PTO We Need You!

We will be holding a Tecumseh Elementary PTO meeting on Monday, December 7 , at 7:00 pm. These take place at Park Layne El. in the cafeteria. Masks are required.

PTO has their own Remind page. On your phone Type: @tecelempto in the message space, put 81010 where the number goes, and join. If you have questions please call our office at 845-4480.

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Arrival and Dismissal at NCES

Arrival - Please drop off all students at the front door by 8:30 to make a shuttle bus. Students are not able to enter the building prior to 7:35. If your child is having breakfast they can also enter at this time. If your child is NOT eating breakfast at school they can arrive at 8:55.

Dismissal - All students will be picked up using the curb lane. This is a safety concern for our students. It is also another way to continue social distancing.

You are welcome to park your car and walk to the designated red spots on the ground to wait for your child.

If you need a Name Placard for your child please let us know. It is helpful to have that located on your dashboard or in your side window.

Thank you for your cooperation. Our students safety is our highest concern.

We are still collecting . . .

Plastic Caps

We are collecting bottle caps again this year. Thank you for those of you that have brought them in already. NCES along with Tecumseh Local Schools is continuing to collect the caps from plastic bottles. These caps are being collected and recycled into benches that we can put at our schools. We are using this incentive to teach our students and community to reduce, reuse, recycle. We recently sent a big box truck off to recycle with 2,000 pounds of caps! NCES received our 2 NEW recycled benches. They are located out front of the school and are used a lot during dismissal. Way to go TLS!

Pop Tabs

New Carlisle Elementary is continuing a school-wide collection of pop tabs. If you drink pop at home and would send the tabs in with your child we would greatly appreciate them. We also would accept dog/cat food tabs and canned food tabs. Thank you for helping with this cause. The children are really excited to help out.

Boxtops for Education

Please continue to send in Boxtops for Education. We use these funds to help buy items for the children to help support their activities that take place here at NCES. Please keep saving and sending the Boxtops and Campbell’s label proofs into school as you collect them.