Captain's News of the Week

Ms. Kennelly's Second Grade Classroom

Week of 3/11/2016

Dates & Reminders

* 3/12- Open House 10:00-1:00

* 3/13- Daylight Savings Time

* 3/14- No School (Professional Development Day)

* 3/16- PAWS Representative Visiting our Classroom

* 3/17- St. Patrick's Day- Wear Green and White

* 3/18- Theo Chocolate Factory Field Trip (No chaperons)

* 3/18- Report cards go home (DATE CHANGE!)

* 3/21- Enrichment Classes Begin

* 3/31- OPT Meeting 6:00-7:00pm

* 4/4-4/8- Spring Break (Camp Offered)

* 4/14- Science and Art Fair @ 5:45pm

* 4/22- Earth Day- Litter-less Lunch

* 4/22- All School Dance with Uniform Sale

* 4/29- PLP's Go Home

Service Learning Project

It is time for a new project! :) Every year, the students participate in a service learning project that revolves around a theme. For 2nd grade, that topic is animal welfare! Mrs. Morey and I have been in contact with PAWS to have them come in and teach the students about non-profit organizations, the purpose of PAWS, animal habitats, how the students can make a difference, and so much more! It is important to us that the students take part in their service learning project. Our goal for the students is to organize a school wide donation drive to collect different items animals can use. This could be anything from food, to toys, to leashes, etc. While we do not have the details ironed out yet, I wanted to make you aware so you can all start thinking about it! If you would like to help with this drive, please let me know :)
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What did we learn this week?

Math: students continued with rotations, Rocket Math (fact fluency), and number talks.

Social Studies: students began learning about animal welfare and the importance of protecting animals.

Literacy: students focused on building fluency in their reading by working on scooping up words into longer phrases, using dialogue to bring expression into the story, and use context clues to determine the meaning of their story.

Writing: students began their new writing unit, writing about reading. Students wrote opinion letters about their favorite characters, along with important events in the story.

Science: students became experts on the three groups of rocks (Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary) and taught their classmates about their rock group.

What will they learn next week?

Math: students will continue with rotations, Rocket Math (fact fluency), number talks.

Social Studies: students will continue learning about animal welfare and a PAWS representative will visit the students to discuss animal habitats, what is PAWS, and what the students can do to make a difference.

Literacy: students will continue building their fluency and reading with expression to bring the text to life.

Writing: Students will work on their free write stories, developing them by using their storyteller voice to pull the reader in. Students will also continue their work on writing about reading, focusing on using their opinion voice to describe different aspects of their story.

Science: Students will analyze sand, silt, and clay, and determine the different properties they posses through observation and lab work.