2015 in a Nutshell

By Jacob Smith

Top Stories of the Year

5. Amtrak Train Crash

-200 people harmed

-Train was derailed

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4. New York Prision Escape

-2 Murder Convicts escape

- Maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility

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3. Church Shooting

-Charleston Church

-Mass shooting many killed

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2. Police Brutality

-George Zimmerman case

-Freddie Gray police stop

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1. Paris Terrorist Attacks

-368 people hurt

-Deadliest attack sense World War 2 for the country

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Best Marketed Companies


-Simple in commercials

-Straight to point

-Keeps watchers attention

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-Funny and keeps attention

-Gets their point across


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2 Best Products

Apple Watch

-Small yet functional

-More than just a tell of time

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Mac Book

-Small and light

-Cool and appeals to everyone

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2 Worst Products

Twinkle Tush

-Protect your cats bum

-6 dollar product

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Vape Hoodie

-100 Dollar coat

-Built in vape pen

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Best Movies

Inside Out

-Funny and personable

-Appeals to all viewers

It was marketed through TV commercials and previews before other movie showings.

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Starwars the Force Awakens


-Appeals to all ages

Marketed by drawing an audience that preexisted and families bring their loved ones.

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Best Music Artists

Justin Beiber

-Hip catchy new album

-Appeals to all ages and had much hype

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-Great lyrical songs

-Build a good fan base

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5 Influencial People

Steph Curry

-Best NBA player right now

-Most popular athlete

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Donald Trump

-Crazy political figure

-Changes minds

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Kanye West

-Strong opinions

-Popular product seller and musician

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Barack Obama

-People respect his speeches and voices

-He is our preseident

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Pope Francais

-Catholic Pope

-Strong ideas and new creative opinions

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New Years Goals

Personal Improvement

-Make Woodson baseball

-Improve strength

Freinds and Family

-Spend more time with everyone

-Have good replationships with same friends

School and Outside World

-Report card with A's and B's

-Get a job and save money