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I have been reading a lot by principals I admire this summer and one of the ideas presented to me has been that of "flipping" our faculty meetings. I want to be sure to do deep, meaningful work at our faculty meetings and move away from stand and deliver types of meetings. With that in mind, I have compiled any information here that I need you to know but don't need to read to or with you. Please scroll through the links here before the end of the day on September 3, 2013. See me with any questions or concerns. And bear with me, not so sure how well I will do at this kind of meeting.With all of this information covered, we will have only 1 major agenda item for our opening day meeting: Data Driven Instruction.

WELCOME and Welcome Back! :)

  • Jill Cheney-Bovee, Administrative Intern
  • Christopher Doody, MS Physical Education
  • Lindy Gooden, Gr. 6 Special Education
  • Craig Falkenbury, Teaching Assistant

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Chris Castrio is now our AIS Coordinator. I am thankful to him for the time spent reviewing AIS data with and without me. As you know, we have used multiple measures to determine who will start the year with AIS and who is on monitoring. As we dive into Data Driven Instruction, we will review these lists. Chris has created spreadsheets with important entrance data. These spreadsheets will be loaded into dropbox and shared with AIS providers and Team Leaders. Stay tuned for links.

Teacher Showcase for PBIS

Don't forget to work with your team to come up with a skit, song, movie, etc. for our PBIS Teacher Showcase on Day 2.

Office Referrals

Our process for MIRS has not changed. We will, however, change the process for submitting OFFICE DISCIPLINE REFERRALS. In the past, we used paper forms to submit office referrals. This was eventually entered into esd. This year, we are asking teachers to submit office referrals online and through esd. When you submit the referral, an email will automatically be sent to me. Please see the attached guide for specific how to information. Teachers will only be able to "write up" students they teach. So, if there is an incident that involves students not assigned to you, you may be able to use the paper form.

Local Assistance Plan

Team, We have been informed that our school will be designated as “needing a local assistance plan” due to performance of students with disabilities over 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012 school years. Personally, I have been struggling with this designation as I KNOW how much work this ENTIRE building did last year. I also remember the work you poured into SINI and then PBIS. The last thing I want for us to have to do is juggle one more thing. Unfortunately, I can’t dig my heels in on this one and will now look at the possibility this review will bring. A ppt with additional information was sent out through school email.

We will need to convene a team of volunteers to help with this review. During the first week of school, we will brainstorm options to do this work outside of the school day as much as possible to avoid having you miss class time with your students – our first priority. If you are interested in serving on the team, please let me know by the end of August. I anticipate seeking help from Mrs. Jill Bovee (Admin Intern) and Katie Jones (BOCES School Improvement) for our team as well.

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Dignity for All Students Act

An updated brochure has been placed in your mailbox. Note the changes in cyberbullying. Cyberbullying will be defined as harassment or bullying by any form of electronic communication, and include incidents occurring off school property that create or would foreseeably create a risk of substantial disruption within the school environment.

Local Growth (APPR)

Last year, we used free/reduced to focus on the performance of our economically disadvantaged students for our local goal. This year, I am proposing a building wide goal of using STAR and scaled score projections for all students. I have asked Rennaissance Learning for a report from last year to show projected score to actual score earned so that we can decide, thoughtfully, what our actual target should be. All MS teachers would choose ELA or Math to support! We are all responsible for supporting the Common Core.

Guidance Announcements

  1. Tweaks to the master schedule are still happening.
  2. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Class sizes will still fluctuate during the last week of August as schedules are finalized.
  4. See Chris with any class related questions/concerns.

Common Core Resources on Engageny.org

The Tri-State Collaborative (composed of educational leaders from Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island and facilitated by Achieve) has developed criterion-based rubrics and review processes to evaluate the quality of lessons and units intended to address the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and Literacy (incl ELA).

These tools provide a good discussion starter admin-teacher, teacher-teacher, and teacher-self. Take a look!

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