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Swamp Coolers And Other Little Things

Happy Sunday Patriots,

If you have not had a chance to sneak up the canyons to see all of the vibrant changing colors, run-don't walk, to get a front-row seat for all of the autumn paint that is being beautifully brushed on the mountains.

For those of you that were with us last year, you know that Mrs. Summers is addicted to all things fall. Brisk weather, figure-flattering layered outfits, unreasonable amounts of treats that contain some form of chocolate or pumpkin, and last but not least my beloved Greenbay Packers are suited up and back on sacred Lambeau Field.

As you may or may not know, Mr. Summers and I have lived in our little home in Sandy for nearly 20 years. We have raised four of our own children, and nine bonus refugee foster children within these walls. When we first moved into the house, it had four bedrooms, one of which had old school Classic Rollerskating retro carpeting, a forest green and white kitchen that was too tiny to host both food and a kitchen table at the same time, and as Utah tradition would have it, a good ol'e fashioned swamp cooler.

As the years have gone by, little by little we have moved walls, pulled tile, painted and repainted walls in an effort to make the most out of the space we had. I will never forget the year when we thought (in November) it would be a brilliant idea to rip out our kitchen and opt for the adventure of having nine humans live out of the basement with a fridge, a bathroom sink, paper plates, and a workhorse of a microwave to get us through the remodel. I can honestly say, I had never been so grateful to do dishes as I was the day we were able to run water into a sink in our new nonbasement kitchen.

While we have completed a plethora of home improvement projects over the years, somehow we always rationalized keeping the reliable old swamp cooler knowing that two months out of the year, our power bill would stay reasonable. It usually also required strategically placed fans, ziplock bags full of ice, and cool showers to get a break from the heat. Then, just like a Globe WIllow in a windstorm, this year I snapped and decided I could not sit under the swamp cooler writing the newsletter for one more day.

Fast forward a couple of months later, and I sit here on the couch thinking about how lucky I am to be able to feel cold tile under my feet thanks to the great miracle we call central air. This got me thinking about how many little things we have to be grateful for every day, and how lucky my family is to be able to have the privilege of cooling our house when there are millions of people all over the world that will never have that luxury.

I then got thinking about our beautiful school and how lucky we are to have all of the comforts of heat when it is cold, cool when it is warm, and indoor plumbing that only requires the turn of a handle to operate. Then, if that was not enough, we have the capabilities to be able to serve hundreds of free warm meals each and every day as well as have rooms filled with brilliant loving adults and children all trying to figure out how to do school in this post-2020 world.

As we go into this next week, may we remember the grand amount of little things we have at our fingertips every day, and how lucky we are to have a school and access to an education that so many others do not.

Take care of your school.

Take care of each other.

Remember as always... You are loved!

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Turley

Mr. Hawkins

Nutrition Services Information

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Focus Friday Meals

October 8th is our next Focus Friday for students. If you would like to order a meal for your student. Please follow the link below to fill out your student’s information. We will be accepting orders up until October 3rd @ 11:59PM. Each student who has ordered a meal will receive one breakfast and one lunch. This will be handed out to the students on October 7th at the end of the school day. If you have any questions please let us know. Thank you for allowing us to feed your student. You can reach our Kitchen Manager Michelle Olsen at or our Nutrition Director Mapu Weiss at

***This institution is an equal opportunity provider***


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A Word From Nutrition Services

The Nutrition Department would like to give families a little bit of insight into the happenings here at Providence Hall in regards to school meals. We are starting to feel the effects of the “break in the supply chain” due to Covid and labor issues. I am sure you have seen mentioning’s of this situation on the local or national news. There were quite a few manufacturers, last year that due to Covid, had to either make significant staff cuts or had to shut down completely.

Now that manufactures are back up and running, they are experiencing a labor shortage. As a result of this shortage, they are not able to keep up with the amount of food requested, which has increased, due to the increase of student participation with meals being offered for free.

Manufacturers are also experiencing a driver shortage. They are unable to get their products to the distributors in a timely manner. We have also learned that Manufactures are sending a limited supply of products to distributors. When this happens, it becomes a “first come first serve” type of situation as to who will get that product.

As a result of this, we may not be able to receive ALL the items we have ordered and we will have to make adjustments to the menus based on what we are able to receive from our distributor.

We will try to maintain the consistency of serving the same items at all three locations.

There may be situations that one of the three schools will need to serve a different meal due to availability.

We know this is often frustrating for our families, and we want you to know we are doing all we can to remain consistent with our meal offerings each week. Thank you for your patience as the nation works to get back to normal production of products.

If you have any questions about the menu or ANYTHING food-related, please reach out to:

Mapu Weiss, or 801-72-8260 ext. 3205.

I would be happy to have a conversation about any of your concerns.

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We Are Having Our First Zupa's PHJH Fundraiser Night 9/28/21 between 4-9 PM

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Want Someone Else To Decide What Is For Dinner This Week?

Don't Miss Out!

Tuesday 9/28/21 is our Fundraiser Night at Cafe Zupas. Mention Providence Hall Junior High to the cashier if you order in-restaurant or enter Fundraiser25 at checkout online or via the Cafe Zupas App!

We are working to get our band some new instruments and an ice maker for the faculty room.

We Are "ALL IN" When It Comes To Raising Our SRI and SMI Scores

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Check Out Our PHJH Beginning Percussion Class!

Percussion Is Getting The Beat

PHJH Athletics Updates

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PHJH Cross Country Goes To State!!!

Congratulations to our Cross Country Patriots that are running for state this week.

Girls: Jayda Bustillos, Claire Pomeroy, Giverlany Weight, Miley Buttars, Lexi Huntley, Alyse Taylor, Abigail Rasmuson

Boys: Elijah Martz, Harrison Young, Cutler Montgomery, Sheldon Bricknell, Zachary Jemmett, Cash Telford, Peter Francis

PHJH Girl's Volleyball

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PHJH ladies were on fire this week.

Varsity- Lost a well-fought battle to Reagan Academy 2 sets to .

JV- Took the win this week.

PHJH Boy's Soccer

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PHJH Boy's soccer kept the crowds on their feet by taking big wins this week!!

Reagan Academy 12-0

APA West Valley 4-0