Ninth Grade Slays

Heather Brewer

Where does the book take place?

This book takes place in a small town called Bathory where Vlad is living with his moms friend Nelly.Highschool is a real drain for Vlad, besides seeing his dream girl everyday.

What is the genre?

This book is Fantasy because it has vampires in it.

The Main Character

The main character is named Vlad and he is a vampire that is in training. Vlad is a shy person and usually keeps to himself. He has two friends named Henry and Joss. He likes to play video games with his friends.Also his favorite blood to drink is O positive.

Summarize the book

The book is about this boy named vlad. He is being hunt down by a vampire bounty hunter and he doesn't know. He is going to Siberia to train with a well gifted vampire.

The main idea

Vlad training to sharpen is vampire skills and to not get caught by the bounty hunter that s trying to find him.

What kind of a person might enjoy reading this book

I would reccomand this bok to my best friend because would like this because she is a fan of vampires. She talks about vampires all the time.

What is your overall impression of the book ?

My overall impression of this book is that it can be boring at some parts but also interesting in other parts.