Malcolm X!

Inspirational figure to our history!

Malcolm X's character traits ;)

As a young boy, Malcolm was bright and popular but yet felt excluded by white people. By his teen years, Malcolm becomes ruthless and starts to make bad decisions. He then became a hustler on the streets but soon went to prison. Malcolm changed throughout prison. After spending time there and getting out, he becomes to be an aggressive and persuasive spokesman for the nation of Islam. As a political leader, he is tolerant, meditative, and ambitious.

Malcolm X's education

Malcolm tended to misbehave in school one too many times and was expelled at the age of 13 from West Junior High School.

Malcolm X's background

Malcolm X was born in Omaha, Nebraska, May 19, 1925. During the current time he was in (black legion), him and his family were forced to relocate two times before Malcolm ever turned 4. His mother was a homemaker. His father was an outspoken baptist minister and avid supporter of Black Nationalist leader, Marcus Garvey. Malcolm's family consisted of eight children total.

Malcolm X's failures and his leadership qualties

One of Malcolm X's biggest failures was when he lead Islam. The nation ofIslam was a movement and no real action that never achieved any political goals. It never gained any "success" in the religious movement.

Some of Malcolm's leadership qualities are of him being a leader of Islam, coming out of prison and being successful, and him standing against racism. Malcolm X lead a Islam to try and make a political statement. Malcolm was also against racism. He thought that blacks should equal rights as whites. Last but not least, when Malcolm reported out of prison, he became a wonderful spokesman fighting for success.