She's the man v Twelfth night

By Jessica Canales

Famous Quote

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them"
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Low Comedy (She's the man)

Duke Orsino: Why do you have tampons in your boot?

Viola(Dressed as Sebastian): I get really bad nose bleeds...

Andrew: So you just stick them up your nose?

Viola(Dressed as Sebastian):Yeah?! You never done that? Beckham does it all the time!

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Low Comedy (Twelfth night)

Malvolio was tricked by Maria and Sir Toby, by a falsely written love letter by Olivia, which Maria really wrote having the same hand writing as Olivia.
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Comedy of Manners (She's the man)


Viola(Dressed as Sebastian): Keep away from me! You know what don't come any closer Monique, It's over!

Monique; What are you talking about?

Viola(Dressed as Sebastian): I don't want to talk to you crazy! You're hot Monique smoking hot!

Monique; Come here !

Viola(Dressed as Sebastian): But there are plenty of hot girls out there, but the truth is, you have absolutely nothing else to offer, and when my eyes are closed, i see you for what you truly are, which is UGLY, where done!

Monique:[Exits] with anger

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Comedy of Manners (Twelfth night)

Viola:There is a fair behavior in thee, captain,

And though that nature with a beauteous wall

Doth oft close in pollution, yet of thee

I will believe thou hast a mind that suits

With this thy fair and outward character.

I prithee (and I’ll pay thee bounteously)

Conceal me what I am, and be my aid

For such disguise as haply shall become

The form of my intent. I’ll serve this duke;

Thou shalt present me as an eunuch to him,

It may be worth thy pains; for I can sing

And speak to him in many sorts of music

That will allow me very worth his service.

What else may hap, to time I will commit,

Only shape thou thy silence to my wit.Copyright © 2014 by Visit for details.

Here Viola agrees to disguise herself and be a servant for Duke, so that she can find her brother, who everyone believes is dead.

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Comedy of Ideas(She's the man)

Duke Orsino; Just because you wear a wig, does not prove you're a girl.

Viola: Okay then, (Lifts shirt)

Viola's Dad: Is it just me? Or does this soccer game have more nudity then most?

Viola: Alright so everyone understand?

Malcom: Ladies and gentleman, I would hate to tell you this but I told you so!

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Comedy of Ideas(Twelfth night)

Olivia: Run after that same peevish messenger, The county's man: he left this ring behind him, Would I or not: tell I'll none of it, Nor hold him up with hopes; I am not for him; If that the youth will come this way to-morrow, I'll give him reasons for't: thee, Malvolio... I do I Know what, and fear to find Mine eye too great a flatterer for my mind. Fate, show thy force: ourselves we do not owe; What is decreed must be, and be this so.

Here Viola(Dressed as Cesario) approaches Oliva to give her the message that Duke Orsino loves her and would like them to be together. Olivia on the other hand does not feel the same, but felt a spark when talking to Cesario, little does she know.. That's Viola.

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Farce(She's the man)

Duke Orsino: What is that?! Ew it touched me, it touched me!

Viola(Dressed as Sebastian):*Screaming* Get it!

Duke Orsino: You get it!

Viola(Dressed as Sebastian):You're the guy! Oh uh bigger guy!

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Farce(Twelfth night)

O then, unfold the passion of my love,

Surprise her with discourse of my dear faith;

It shall become thee well to act my woes:

She will attend it better in thy youth

Than in a nuntio’s of more grave aspect.

Here Duke pours out his love for Olivia to Viola(Dressed as Cesario). As a servant for Duke Viola(Dressed as Cesario) must deliver this message, but little does Duke know his plans will not work out as planned.
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Compare and Contrast (She's the man & Twelfth night)

She's the man and twelfth night are very similar, mainly because the movie is based on the Shakespeare. There is a similar love trying going on between Duke, Viola, and Olivia. Malvolio will try to get involved in this triangle as well.