Boot Camp

Author William Hill Published by RAZOR BILL at 2012 pg.540

Character Description

The main character is Julian Carpenter. His dad died after the government found out he was agents his country. And when that was happing at that moment Jamie mom was asking questions. Later people came to get Jamie and one of them was named Frankenstein and he is a person that is at Department Nineteen

Plot Summary

Start: It started 2 years ago Jamie Carpenter was waching TV in the living room when he heard the tires of his dad's car crunch acoss the gravel driveway much, much earlier than usual. Jamie looked at the clock on the wall above the TV and frowen. It was a quarter past six.

Climax:During the climax "Terry took a step forward and he moved a step into the hallway.He turned in a quick circle, and the room rotated smoothly around him. Reaching down, he pulled T-bone from his belt and he looked at it. The weapon he could see in his hands was identical to the one he had fired earlier."

End: "It ended by The oldest vampire in the world closed his eyes and smiled. Above him, something wet took the gurgling, rattling breath of a new born, and Valeri Rusmanov uttered a single word": "Master"


The conflict is that they need to escape/pass department 19.

Title Explation

Department 19 goes with the story because it's a place where you need have friends who have your back or no it like a place your consequences cause bad acttions .

Book Review

I personally liked the book the start was shocking. It had good action. It had a good job making me visualize what happened. So I give it a 7 out of 10