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World War II Survivors Share Their Experiences

On February 28th, ninth grade students had the privilege and honor of hearing two World War II survivors from the Jewish War Veterans, Post 697 speak about two distinctly different experiences. Our assembly began with a rendition of taps and a salute to the flag. The president of Post 697, Jerry Goldstein, introduced the speakers and stressed to the students that they are the last generation that will be able to hear these firsthand oral histories from survivors of the Holocaust. This helped set the tone and tenor of respect that was pervasive throughout the presentation. Danny Goldsmith then shared his story as a child hidden in Belgium throughout the Holocaust. His story was one of hope, courage and survival, with his biggest message being respect and forgiveness. Bernie Lens, a 93 year old American war veteran, followed with his story and the experiences he had while liberating concentration camps. To close, students asked questions to the survivors that they had generated in their Social Studies classes. Students then took part in a reflection activity in their classes the next day. Below are some of the powerful lessons that Unami ninth grade students took away from this experience.

“I think the message was that anything is possible because Danny escaped the Nazi’s and hid for years, but was able to keep hope that he would be rescued.”

“I will apply their message to my own individual life by making sure to treat everybody I meet with respect. Humans are humans and we all have feelings, hopes and dreams.”

“I think their message was, one person’s actions does matter. One word of hate, one act of exclusion, if not stopped could lead to things like mass genocide. We need to learn to appreciate life and also learn to love, not hate. We can really do a lot with our lives, and it’s our choice of what exactly we are going to do with it.”

“Forgive those who hurt you, but learn from their mistakes not to hurt others.”

The Unami staff was extremely proud of our students as they displayed the utmost respect during the entire assembly. Thank you parents and guardians for allowing us to appreciate and see the wonderful job you are doing in raising your children to be polite and courteous. We are honored to share that responsibility with you here at Unami.

Unami Students Shine at National History Day Competition

Congratulations to the more than 80 Unami students who participated in the bucks-Mont Regional National History Day Competition at Ursinus College on Saturday, March 22nd. Students were accompanied by Unami social studies teachers: Mr. Clifford, Mrs. Clifford and Mrs. Weaver. Seven groups of students (16 students total) finished in the top 3 of their category. They represented the junior and senior division and all five NHD categories (exhibit, documentary, paper, website and performance).

Jennifer M. finished in 2nd place for her paper titled "China's one Child Policy: A Horrific Violation of Human Rights." Zijun X. also finished in 2nd place in the individual website category with his work titled "John Muir and the Duty to Protect the Environment." Nolan P., Lance G. and Kyle T. won 3rd place in the junior group website division with their project, "Jackie Robinson: A Game Changed On and Off the Field."

Two groups from Unami placed in the senior website division. Taylor M., Maria M. and Victoria H. finished in 3rd with their website "The Evolution of the Soviet Citizen's Persecution" and Kaylie B. and Lydia J. finished in 2nd with their website titled "Salem Witch Trials."

Carolyn P. won 3rd place with her performance on "Victor Hugo's Fight for Rights" and Joy Z. won 1st place with her documentary titled "Apartheid: A Segregated Society."

And finally, Richard S., Charlie H. and Josh M. finished in 2nd place with their exhibit on "The Federal Reserve."

Thank you to all the students for their hard work and for representing Unami this past weekend.

Unami Middle School-March is Youth Arts Month

The following students' work has been selected to be exhibited at the Doylestown Post Office Community Display:

8th grade artists: Madison A., Amanda M. Kaitlyn C., Kiley P., Madison K. and Nicole M.

7th grade artists: Nina K., Alyssa M., Lauren S., Casey W., Myles C., Alexa B., Paige F. and Cathy Z.

We are proud of the efforts of our 7th and 8th grade art students and are happy to share their talents and efforts with the community!

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Daly

Student Council Hard At Work

Student Council continues to collect used shoes that still have some life left in them as part of the Shoebox Shoe Recycling Program. Collection boxes are available outside the main office year round. Shoes do not need to be in shoeboxes at all, and we can’t accept slippers, flip flops, winter boots, rollerblades or other specialty shoes. Not only are you helping the environment, Unami benefits from this program. Student Council donates the funds we receive to “green” projects around the school. We are currently donating to the Unami Plough and Trowel community gardening club to raise funds for an irrigation system.

The school wide talent show is on Friday, April 4th at 7 pm. All Unami students and their families are welcome to attend. Students are currently preparing their singing, magic, and comedy acts for the event. Please consider joining us for this event. We will be collecting donations at the door to help the Unami Plough and Trowel club raise funds for the irrigation system needed for the community garden.


Do you like baseball? Please join us for Unami’s 2nd annual night at the ballgame on Saturday, April 12th. Tickets are still available for the Iron Pigs game at Coca-Cola Stadium in Allentown. More information can be found on the Unami web page.


Please consider attending the Unami Night at the Iron Pigs game on April 12th. This is a night for our Unami community of families and staff to enjoy a night at a ball game and time with each other. There are no chaperones assigned to this student council sponsored event this year as all students attended with their families last year. Ticket may be assigned so that staff families can sit with other staff families, etc. It is a great night and the Iron Pigs stadium is wonderful for families. Click here for an order form.

One of our students will be throwing out the first pitch.

Unami Beautification-Thank You Student Council

The Unami Student Council recently funded and completed a beautification project at Unami. The five large garden planters that exist in the original section of the building were recently rejuvenated and replanted. The tropical plants are welcome spots of green during the day as students and teachers walk the halls. Next time you are in the building, take a peek at the completed work. More beautification projects are in the works. Stay tuned for more updates!

Congratulations Science Olympiad Students

On Wednesday, March 5th the Unami Science Olympiad team made up of twenty 7th, 8th and 9th grade students competed at the Southeast Regional Science Olympiad Competition at Neumann University in Delaware County. The students on the team competed in 20 of 23 events covering all areas of science and engineering and entered two teams in two different trial events. They competed against 27 middle schools from across southeastern Pennsylvania and finished in 10th place overall as a team and earned 8 event medals. Winning medals in their events were:

• Richard S. and William R. with a 1st place in Solar System

• Joy Z. and Victoria S. with a 2nd place in Anatomy

• Nolan P. and Riley R. with a 3rd place in Write It, Do It

• Brian D. and William R. with a 3rd place in Meteorology

• Richard S. with a 3rd place in Shock Value

• Joy Z. and Ben K. with a 4th place in Crime Busters AND in two trial events

• Madie G., Kyle F., Denise Y. and Victoria S.earned a 1st place in the event “Bag of Bones”

• AND, Denise Y., Victoria S., Madie G. and Joshua Y. earned a 2nd place in the event “Picture This”

Congratulations to the entire team for their efforts at the regional competition.

7th Grade Students Skype with National WWII Museum

Students In Mrs. Campbell's social studies class participated in a WWII Skype lesson with a museum educator at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. This was a follow up to a geography lesson where the students made arrows. The museum educator also taught them about how Kodak would take photos of the soldiers’ letters and then send them to the states via a filmstrip instead of hundreds of letters. Then once it got to the states, they would develop the film and send them to the families.

Students Celebrate Pi Day

Students in Mrs. Ripley’s class celebrated Pi Day on Friday 3.14. Along with eating round foods, they had a pi reciting contest and wrote Pi-ku (think Haiku!). The winner of the pi reciting contest memorized 82 digits, and the runners up memorized 54 and 45 digits! It was a fun and enlightening experience for all!

Middle School Jazz Festival

Held on Friday, March 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the Unami auditorium and oordinated by Unami's very own band teacher, Mr. Harry Bower, the event featured more than 3 hours worth of diverse jazz entertainment from 10 jazz bands, including: Unami and Holicong Middle Schools, an array of other local middle school jazz bands (e.g. Pennridge Central, Indian Crest), and a culminating performance by the CB South Jazz Band. Selections from Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock were all featured, as well as jazzed up versions of rock anthems such as Welcome to the Jungle. It was a wonderful night of music to warm the soul and lead us into spring after a rough winter. Thanks to Mr. Bower for all of his hard work, and congratulations to all the students who participated and played such wonderful music!

Unami's First Energy Expo

7th grade students worked collaboratively on exhibit boards based on one of the 10 energy resources they have been studying. The “Best” of each group will get to display their board at our upcoming Energy Carnival, set for April 25th.

PECO Energy Audit

Through a grant awarded to 7th grade science teachers Nancy Cohick and Stacy Caldwell, 7th students have been working with PECO to learn about and apply responsible energy use within their science curriculum. As a part of the grant program, energy engineer Mr. Todd Rogers of The Need Project (a PECO partner) visited Unami on Tuesday, March 4 to help 15 7th grade students perform an energy audit of Unami. During his 2 hour visit, Mr. Rogers taught our students about energy production, introduced them to the tools required for an energy audit (e.g. a light meter), and instructed the students to properly use the equipment. Students then visited Unami's boiler room for a first-hand look at how energy is produced to power Unami. Using their tools, the students then performed an energy audit of a classroom and the library. They performed the audit in small groups and analyzed the data. Among their discoveries, the students found that Unami's lighting is generally at recommended levels and that some electronic devices should be unplugged when not in use, as they are "energy vampires" (they use energy even when powered off). The energy audit was just one component in the course of the 7th grade PECO grant project, which will culminate with an Energy Carnival at Unami on April 25th. Our incoming 6th grade students from Butler and Mill Creek will be joining us for the event!

8th Grade Orion Visits Washington, D.C.

Busses are leaving Unami at 6:30AM to arrive at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. From that venue, students will have the choice to visit more than 50 other museums, galleries, government buildings, and monuments as well as the National Zoo and Arlington National Cemetery throughout the day. Each group is currently researching and deciding upon its own itinerary under the philosophy that by supporting students to explore their own interests they see greater value in the experience and gain greater educational value. They are also encouraged to use the opportunity of so many free venues to explore one or two that might be outside of their normal area of interest, like a museum of modern art, to broaden their exposure to the various aspects of our culture.

Join Us For A Game!

Offered during resource period, Unami's game club is great because it allows a lot of different students who don’t normally get to interact have fun and work together. Unami’s Game Club is designed to give students an opportunity to meet new friends, build existing friendships, and strengthen social connections in the Unami community.

Unami Trowel & Plow

The winter is behind us, the ground has started to thaw, and now it is time to begin preparing for our second planting season. Unami Trowel and Plow is a student gardening club dedicated to building community, while serving our local community. Students plant, maintain, and harvest raised vegetable beds. All of the produce is donated to the New Britain Baptist Food Pantry.

Last year was our inaugural year and we were very successful. We were able to donate over 100 bags of salad mix along with numerous beets, carrots, tomatoes, fennel, eggplant, peppers, watermelon, and snow peas. We were also blessed with numerous donations. 84 Lumber gave us the wood to build the beds. Sparks Topsoil and Blueberry Hill Landscaping donated topsoil. Home Depot built us a small shed to store our watering supplies, and numerous families donated their time to tend the beds over the summer months.

This year we are setting a goal of constructing four more beds, bringing our total to fourteen. We are going to work on developing a “green” watering system and increase student participation. We are also working on ways to sustain this program for years to come. We are again working with Delaware Valley College. We will be traveling to their green houses on Wednesday March 26th to start seeds. We will also work with Bonnie Olliver, a master gardener from the Penn State Extension. She has been able to get donations of seeds and also educates us on how to properly maintain our beds. She is already planning a presentation proper thinning. Yeah, may not sound super exciting to many, but it is an area we felt we needed to develop based upon our reflections of the previous season. We want to make sure we give our plants enough room to grow to their full potential.

Future meetings will be announced via the Unami Scroll and the morning announcements. We have a lot to do to get the beds ready for planting. We are also accepting donations of topsoil, soil conditioners, gardening tools, or anything else that you believe will help us to build community within our school, while supporting our local community. We are excited about this season. Watch us grow!

Environmental Service Learning

Students in Mrs. Sime’s 7th grade science class are planning to spread the word about the environment. For the past eight weeks, students have been working on a service learning project as part of the environmental unit. They were given one class period per week to research an environmental issue of their choosing. They are also expected to participate in some kind of community outreach. Students could decide how they wanted to reach out based on their own interests and what they wanted to accomplish. In the next few weeks, many students will travel to either Mill Creek or Butler Elementary Schools to share their research with younger CB students and have activities planned for them. In addition to the elementary school visits, some students will participate in a creek clean-up, some will present at a NBT Zoning Board meeting, some will be creating animated videos, and some will be creating and selling custom made bookmarks with environmental information on them.

Unami Wrestling

The Unami Wrestling Team finished the season with a number of successes. Two varsity wrestlers placed third in the league and one finished fourth. Two of these wrestlers were in their first year of wrestling. Also, two JV wrestlers finished third in the league.


For the third year, Unami hosted a Strings Pops Concert for the South cluster. Select string groups from the two elementary schools that feed Unami (Butler and Millcreek), and CB South/West Chamber Strings, and our String Ensemble and Ninth Grade Orchestra performed various Pop repertoire, ranging from folk music, dance music,to jazz to rock to today’s popular Toxic by Britney Spears.

The Ninth Grade Orchestra performed Temptations’ My Girl, with Samantha Hong as a vocal soloist. The String Ensemble played a contemporary composer Soon Hee Newbold’s Rockin’Jammin’ Swingin’. The five school groups ended the evening with a grand finale of the Chicken Dance!

The String Ensemble traveled to Upper Dublin High School to participate in their second annual String Orchestra Festival Adjudication (SOFA) where they received professional feedback from judges, and had a rating for their performance. There are many neighboring districts involved in this two day event.

Additional performances from our usual Winter and Spring concerts keep the Orchestra members motivated in learning new repertoire, in a short time frame.

Varsity Girls' Basketball

The varsity girls basketball team played their best basketball towards the end of the season. While the team dealt with numerous injuries in November and early December, they were really able to come together as a unit when it mattered most. During the regular season, the team finished 6-4. While all 6 wins were in convincing fashion, none of the 4 losses were by more than 8 points. It was a testament to the consistent effort the girls put in every day and their toughness of the court. The highlight of the season was a two point win against Holicong in the semi-finals of the district tournament. While our Unami girls came out in the first couple minutes to take an early lead, the strong, undefeated Holicong team fought back. For most of the game, the teams went back and forth executing on offense and playing tough defense. With some clutch foul shooting and smart decisions, the Lady Warriors held on for the win.

February Boomerang Award--Asset #26 Caring

Congratulations to February Boomerang recipients Nicole D. Emily S. Jisoo K. and Jonathan R. These students exemplify this month's asset--young person who cares about others. They place a high value on helping other people and think about ways of helping and is motivated to initiate kind and thoughtful acts.

March Boomerang Asset--#38 Self-Esteem

Young person demonstrates a confidence that promotes positive behaviors and relationships. He/she is proud to be the person that they are, and they serve as a role model to others because of their healthy self-confidence.

Please take a moment to complete a Boomerang Nomination form for a Unami student who demonstrates Caring.

PSSA Important Information

PSSA Writing Assessment will be the week of April 7. The Science PSSA assessment begins the week of April 28. For additional information , please click this link for more information.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time and we respectfully request that routine doctor/dentist/ortho appointments not be scheduled during the exam periods. If a student has started a test, he/she may not go back at another time to finish that section. The student must finish once started or will not receive creditfor any items not answered. Students who arrive to school after 7:55 A.M. on testing days will not start an exam that day. They will be scheduled to make up the exam on another day.

If you have any questions regarding the PSSA exam, please call Mrs. Houpert.


We are excited to announce that we will be accepting advanced orders for the 2013-14 Unami yearbook starting now and continuing until APRIL 17th. The preorder price is only $21.00! After April 17th, no orders will be accepted until the day the yearbooks arrive. If you or your child waits until the day of yearbook distribution, the cost becomes $25.00 and is on a first come, first served basis until supplies run out. So if you want to be sure your child receives our amazing yearbook this year and has all of his or her memories preserved forever, please send in your preorders now!

If you would like to include a PARENT MESSAGE to your student(s), you can send an extra $4 along with the message you’d like printed in the yearbook EXACTLY as you’d like it to appear.

Please place your order in an envelope with your child’s name, resource teacher’s name, and grade clearly labeled. Checks can be made out to UNAMI MIDDLE SCHOOL. Cash is also accepted. The envelopes can be turned in to the yearbook bin in the front office.

Again, no preorders will be taken after April 17th, so get your orders in ASAP! J Yearbook Advisor, Ms. Kazatsky


We cordially invite you to attend the First Annual Central Bucks School District “Young Engineers’ Night!” This event will take place on April 3rd, 2014 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at CB High School EAST. This night is geared toward our middle and elementary school students, so this will be a “hands-on” experience. Students will be exposed to technology such as CO2 cars, laser cutting, propeller powered vehicles, Styro Gliders and they will have an opportunity to explore a state of the art TV studio. Interested students can make a Young Engineers’ badge in the Manufacturing Races exhibit, and if he or she is able to collect all 6 stickers they will be awarded a certificate classifying them as a “Certified Young Engineer.“

Relay for Life

Saturday, May 17th, 9am-9pm

Tohickon Middle School, Plumstead, PA, United States

Central Bucks Middle Schools’ Relay for Life began in 2004 as a way to get young people involved in the fight against cancer and to serve as a customized alternative to local overnight events. For the past 10 years students have banded together to form teams, organize fundraisers, and dedicate hours of hard work to achieve their goals. Central Bucks students exceeded a $2 million cumulative ten-year total last year, helping fund cancer research and a myriad of support programs for cancer patients and their families. Working together with the American Cancer Society these students inspire others to honor, remember, and fight back for those who have been touched by the disease.

Important Information and Dates:

February 25th--Student Registration Ends

April 22nd--Chaperone Registrations & Schedules Due

Student registration ends Tuesday, Feb 25th.

April 22nd & April 23rd @ 7pm--Chaperone Meetings for Parents (Tohickon Auditorium)
May 12th--$50 Per Person Fundraising Total Due

Program Planning

The Program Planning process for course selection for the 2014-15 school year continues.

9th Grade
– Course verification sheets will be going home for parent signature March 4th to be returned to HR teacher by March 7th..

8th Grade – Course verification sheets will be going home for parent signature March 5th to be returned to HR teacher by March 12th.

7th Grade – Course verification sheets went home with students last week. Please review the verification sheet carefully with your child and write any changes directly on the sheet. Verification sheets were due back to the Guidance Office on February 19.

Fundraise for Unami While You Shop

If you use the following vendors, please think about supporting UMS while you shop:

  • If you shop at Target and have a Target Red Card, you can register your card for Target's Take Charge of Education program so that Unami receives a percentage of your spending.
  • Giant Food Store has an A+ School Rewards program through their clip-less coupon card. Note, each year you need to reselect Unami so that your shopping benefits UMS.
  • Use this link to connect to Amazon to shop and Unami can earn as much as 15% of what you purchase!
  • Clip and send in Box Tops to the attention of NJHS; or, shop at the Box Top Market Place where you will find vendors such as Best Buy, KMart, Justice and more.
  • If you like to shop online, check out the eScrip Online Mall. When you sign up for an account, selecting Unami earns money for our school.

Important Upcoming Events

April 2nd--8th Grade Orion Trip to Washington, D.C.

April 4th--Early Dismissal @ 10:45AM

April 4th--Talent Show @ 7PM

April 7th--Reading Olympics @ Log College 5:30PM

April 10th--9th Grade Trip to New York City

April 12th--Iron Pigs Game

April 17th--Parent Council 9AM (Library)

April 17th--French Fashion Show 4:30 PM (Auditorium)

April 22nd--7th Grade Trip to Disney's "Bears"

April 25th--6th Graders Visit Unami

April 25th--Spring Dance 7PM

For more details, please visit the Unami Website.

Calendar Revisions

On March 11 the Central Bucks School District School Board voted for the following changes to the 2013-2014 school calendar:

April 3 - Now a Full Day of School.

April 4 - Early Dismissal - 10:45 A.M.

April 10 - End of 3rd Marking Period

April 17 - Now Full Day of School for Secondary Students; Elementary - Early Dismissal

April 23 - Report Cards Distributed

June 20 - Last Day of School; High School Graduations; Early Dismissal - 10:45 A.M.

Click here for the updated one-page calendar.

Summer Programs

Plan for Excitement this Summer

The Central Bucks Community School offers a terrific variety of camps and activities through its Summer Fun Program. Visit the Community School's webpage to find information regarding classes in music, art, driver education, writing, SAT prep, and more. Registration begins April 4. Register early as some classes have limited enrollment.

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