Warriors: Blazing Star

Book by Erin Hunter. Poster by Karan Bhula

Setting and Character


The book takes place in various locations. First of all, there are various groups of cats that live in different enviroments. One group lives in the forest while another lives on the plains. One group also lives by the river and some other cats are thinking about splitting and moving across the road by the forest to live by the swampy marsh. Each enviroment has its own prey and each prey has its own advantages in its own environment.



Some of the main characters in this book are Thunder, Gray-Wing, River-Ripple, One-Eye, and Star-Flower. River-Ripple, a cat that swims and hunts in the river, is usually a supporting character, but in this book, he is a main character influencing other cats. One-Eye and Star-Flower are related because One-Eye is the dad of Star-Flower. Yep, I said it. He, the hideous cat is the father of the beautiful and majestical cat, Star-Flower. Thunder has mostly been the main character and has been tied with Gary-Wing. Both of them are related as well. Thunder and Gray-Wing live on the moor/plain while the River-Ripple lives by the river. One-Eye and Star-Flower are rogues and their location does not specify, but some context clues, I know that they secretly live by the woods hiding.

Plot and Theme


The plot is that the cats and prey are getting sick by an unknown sickness. Their food is limited and their cats are dying rapidly and there has to be something done. Their is a new enemy, One-Eye because Clear Sky kicked him out of his clan for killing a kit.


One of the themes is that do not judge a book by its cover. Star-Flower was very beautiful and Thunder liked her intensely. Unfortunely, she was evil and she helped her dad the entire time.




Star-Flower, not yet known to be evil and the daughter of a manic dad, meets with Thunder because they both like each other. She told him that there is a plant known as the Blazing Star that could be used to heal and cure across the road, Thunderpath, and into the marshy swamp. At the same time, somewhere else, Clear-Sky, the leader of forest, power has been taken away from One-Eye because of his rogues friends. Clear-Sky had no choice, but to run for it because he was outnumbered. He eventually came to his brother and son's camp on the moor. He told them about the problem, but they told him about the Blazing Star and how it can stop the sickness because it has spread to the forest everywhere. The problem is that to get the Blazing Star, they must first go through the forest, where One-Eye is. Thunder organized a three-cat team to retreive the plant. They eventually passed the forest, but when they had to go back, One-Eye and his rogues friends were there blocking his way. They escaped, but we're wounded and lost most of the supply of Blazing Star. When they came back, they made up a plan to annihilate One-Eye and his rogues. Star-Flower came suddenly and sneakily saw the plan drawn on the ground. She talked a little and left because it would be suspicious if she left right after she saw the plan. The next day, Thunder, Gray-Wing, River Ripple, and Clear-Sky led their cats toward the empty space of moor and hid. Clear-Sky went towards the forest because he is the bait and his purpose is to get One-Eye's attention and lure him towards the empty space on the moor. The plan did not work and the good cats got trapped. He then showed his daughter. It was Star-Flower and he explained how the plan did not work. River-Ripple went down to the tunnels under the moor with five to six cats and found an alternative route to the battle, where the rogues will not see them. They eventually reached there and surprised them. It took three cats to kill One-Eye and after that the rogues fled towards the Twoleg or human houses. They eventually get a message from the star cats in the sky, which is, "To Survive, you must grow and spread like the Blazing Star." At the end of the book, Gray-Wing says he knows what it means.

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