R00t-Services Provides Website and Server Owners With Remote Anti DDoS Protection

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R00t-Services Provides Website and Server Owners With Remote Anti DDoS Protection

(Walsrode, Germany) February 8, 2014 – r00t-Services.net, a leading provider of anti DDoS proxy protection, offers peace of mind to website and server owners concerned about their site’s security and ability to withstand DDoS attacks. Remote anti DDoS protection, including reverse proxy DDoS protection, starts at just €49 per month, a small price to pay for business owners who want to be certain their websites or online services and servers are safe from hackers’ DDoS attacks.

DDoS, which stands for distributed denial of service, is a malicious computer attack whereby two or more people or bots attack a website or network by overloading the target’s communication abilities. Effective DDoS attacks lead to server overload, which results in a denial of service to the website’s intended users. DDoS attacks differ from DoS – denial of service – attacks, in that DDoS attacks utilize multiple machines or bots to attack the target. One way to protect against DDoS attacks is by employing remote anti DDoS protection.

DDoS attacks are considered a criminal offense in many countries. Despite the illegality, high profile attacks are relatively common. Famous DDoS attacks in recent history include the activist group Anonymous’ DDoS attack on the Scientology.org website and a multi-pronged attack on Yahoo, CNN, eBay, Dell and Amazon by then 15-year-old hacker Mafiaboy.

Many owners of small websites, such as blogs or small businesses, are writers and entrepreneurs who do not understand Internet security or hacking. While people don’t tend to be surprised when large websites succumb to a DDoS attack, as has happened to websites such as Twitter and others in the past, small websites and blogs are vulnerable as well. In fact, all websites without remote anti DDoS protection, no matter how small, are vulnerable to attack.

Bloggers and entrepreneurs using Wordpress, in particular, should consider using anti DDoS proxy protection. The popular blogging and content management platform has been scrutinized in the past for vulnerabilities that make Wordpress-hosted websites particularly vulnerable to DDoS attacks, both as attackers, whereby websites are unknowingly taken over to launch a DDoS attack, and targets. Remote anti DDoS protection can be used effectively to prevent such attacks.

Remote anti DDoS protection is an effective method for protecting against DDoS attacks. Tactics such as reverse proxy DDoS protection, whereby a proxy server retrieves communication on behalf of a website or blog, acting as an intermediary. Reverse anti DDoS protection also allows website owners to hide their server IP location, which is sometimes desirable.

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r00t-Services.net is a leading provider of remote anti DDoS protection. With multiple locations across Europe and the United States, r00t-Services.net is able to provide anti DDoS proxy protection that is located physically close to clients’ servers to ensure best-in-class performance. To provide clients with the best in security performance and customer service, r00t-Services.net only hires staff with multiple years of experience, and in-depth knowledge of networks and UNIX systems. The network is monitored 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to ensure top performance no matter the date or hour.

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