Let's Finish Up September STRONG

Month-end is coming! Here are a few things to think about!

September is almost over!

With September getting closer to coming to an end, let's review important reminders.

1. The Band Perry Pioneer Tags PROMOTION will end as of Sept 30. Although, pre-orders are difficult to get from customers sight-unseen, these are CUTE tags you may want to carry in your stock through the Christmas season. After Sept 30 though, they cannot be ordered. My recommendation is to pre-order a few for your personal inventory so that you may have them for your customers to purchase in October - December and further on if you do not sell out. You can purchase the silver and gold tag without the download, which is perfect to have available for your customers to purchase at your upcoming jewelry bars and events. (I personally just ordered some more for my Christmas stock because I truly believe the customers will LOVE them, once they can see them in person.)

**Remember, not only will these purchases count for your Personal Volume (PV), but they also help earn points for Cabo!

2. Don't forget our team's September Incentives! We have a few going on right now in our Facebook group Owl Be Dangled. These are incentives offered by me, just for my downline! (If you are not a part of our FB group page, please contact your mentor ASAP to get added! You don't want to miss the motivation, support, incentives and of course, the recognition!)

The incentive to pay attention to is the catalog giveaway I am currently hosting! As an ETL, I am receiving a pack of catalogs on Sept 23! I am going to keep one for myself and the remaining are being RAFFLED out to you!! For those of you that have placed $99pv orders or above by September 22 @ 9PM PST, you will be entered in the raffle for one of these catalogs. There will be 24 separate winners receiving these catalogs! They will be packed and sent no later than September 25, 2013! You will be on of the FIRST to have your hands on our amazing new Fall/Winter 2013 catalogs!

The next incentives is according to our group sales! Check out FB for more information, but if we hit $100,000 as a team, I have lots to give away!

Also, stay tuned for October incentives as I already have some great ideas for $50 gift cards AND one special $500 gift card that can be earned through December 2013! Details coming soon!

3. Don't forget to watch the Webinars that are posted in your backoffice every Monday. Last night they highlighted an amazing New Designer incentive for September 1-30 and it is NOT to be missed! The information that is given during these webinars are good for your personal business and for your team if you are a Mentor. Make sure to tune into this every week!

4. NO MORE WAITLIST! Yes, I know this was a few weeks ago, but I still LOVE saying it! New designers can sign up RIGHT NOW straight from your website. Direct interested parties to your Origami Owl Website and have them click on JOIN and they can become a designer instantly! Don't forget to have them use your designer ID during the first prompt when signing up!

5. Last, but not least, this may be very important for your Christmas sales and preparing! Many designers are waiting to place orders in October because this is when the new catalog comes out. I completely understand the excitement and I too, cannot wait to place orders for the new product! But, you want to keep in mind that the catalog is a revolving catalog. This means that only a few items are new and the majority of the catalog items are the same from our current catalog. In our last catalog we had 100+ new items out of over 500 total items. Yes, there were some new things, but the majority is the same! Remember, MANY orders are going to be placed on October 1 and shipping times will be dramatically lengthened from what we are used to right now. Do not expect 24 hour shipping with the new catalog items. It can take up to the full given amount of time via our shipping schedule.

My recommendation is: if you are waiting to stock up on inventory once the new catalog comes out, take these last weeks of September and place an order for items you know will be popular during the Christmas season (silver lockets with crystals and BIRTHSTONES) so that you have these items right away and then on October 1 place another order for the new items and simply be prepared to not receive those items till mid October.

Let your Mentor know or myself, if you have any questions about this!

Announcement in your backoffice!! -- Keep your customer list updated!

{Keep Your Customer List Updated}

Each month we send out the O2 Connection newsletter, which keeps your customers in the know about Origami Owl®, the latest trends and tips for hosting Jewelry Bars® and parties. Make sure to keep your customers in the loop on O2 by ensuring they receive this fun tool. If you need help updating your customer list, follow these few easy tips:

  • Sign into the Origami Owl | IMN Portal https://partypulseglobal.imakenews.com/origamiowl/Account/LogOn

  • Review your subscriber numbers on the Dashboard or “Home” tab.

  • To review in more detail, click on the Subscribers tab – you can sort by name or email address.

  • Ensure all of your customers are present.

  • If you are missing subscribers/customers, manually add them by clicking “Create New” and enter each person individually. You can also upload a list by selecting “Upload: and following the prompts.


Volume by Level:

(these levels are determined by your placement on my team)

Level Volume

1 $5,764.92

2 $7,664.44

3 $9,132.33

4 $7,403.57

5 $4,024.00

6 $240.60

Top in Sales (PV):

#1 - Michelle Aguilar $1475.50

#2 - Lindsey Nuttall $1150.00

#3 - Rebecka Garza $1098.50

#4 - Becky Hollingshead $1046.50

#5 - Lizeth Salas $990.50

Top Teams (GV):

#1 - Amanda Greene $7549.09

#2 - Kellie Holt $7368.74

#3 - Dawn Strange $5443.10

#4 - Natalie Horacek $4910.65

#5 - Michelle Aguilar $4663.96