Sarah Plain and Tall

Patricia McLachlan


Sarah plain and tall took place on a farm in the Winter, spring, and summer with a girl named Anna, a boy named Caleb, and a man named Jacob.


On day Caleb and Anna were in the cabin and Jacob was in town.Soon Jacob came back to the cabin and said he put help in the newspapers because Caleb's and Anna's mom died and they needed help on the farm. Caleb and Anna thought Jacob meant a housekeeper but he meant a wife named Sarah. Caleb, Anna, and Jacob all rote letters to Sarah and received there letters from her before the ice and snow melted on the farm. Anna's letter came first then Caleb's and then Jacob's. Sarah is coming for a months time to see if she likes Jacob, Anna, and Caleb because if she does she might marry Jacob. The day came for Jacob to go get Sarah at the train station so he got up early and got the horses ready to go fetch Sarah. After Jacob left, Caleb and Anna did there chores and they didn't say a word while they did. They were siting on the porch when they saw the dust from the wagon and out stepped Sarah and Jacob. After that Caleb asked Sarah questions all..... night. The dogs loved Sarah first but Jacob and Anna were shy. Later Caleb, Anna, and Sarah went to pick Brides Bonnet flowers and after that, they all ate supper. After supper Sarah cut Caleb's hair and tied it up with a rose velvet ribbon. Then they sat down on the porch and Sarah said she wanted to feel the sheep in the morning because she never felt one befor. When morning came Sarah went to touch the sheep but later, she found a lamb that died because of the turkey buzzards. Then they had dinner, and after dinner Sarah drew a picture of the farm land with a windmill in the picture and Caleb saw the windmill in the picture and said that his first word was windmill then Anna said her first word was flower, and Sarah's first word was Dune. Nobody knew what a dune is so Sarah explained it. she missed her dune so Jacob made one for her out of hay. Then Jacob taught Sarah how to plow the fields. When they were done Sarah asked what winter is so Caleb and Anna explained what it was. After that they went swimming in the cow's pound because they were hot.Soon they got out and dried there self's of. Then they lay in the grass with dandelions all around them. Later, there neighbors, Mathew and Maggie, came over to help plow the fields and they brought there two children with a bag of chickens. Sarah and Maggie went to sit on the porch and talk while Anna made biscuits.Then Maggie remembered that she had something for Sarah and got a big box of flowers out of the wagon so they can plant a garden. Soon Mathew, Caleb, and Jacob were done plowing the fields.Then they all eat lunch when it stared to ran. After that Sarah told Jacob she wanted to learn how to ride a horse and drive the wagon all by her self. Soon came a BIG BAD storm and Sarah, Anna, Caleb, and Jacob all herded the animal's and put them in the barn. They all stayed in the barn in till the storm was over. When the storm was over Jacob showed Sarah how to ride a horse and drive the wagon. The next morning Sarah got the wagon ready to go in town. When she left Caleb started crying because he thought Sarah would never come back. Later on Sarah came back.

There will be Sarah, plain and tall.


Would you recommend this book to a friend?

I would recommend this book to a friend. I would because, there are great and thoughtful characters that help each other out. I also recommend this book to a friend because there are twist and turns and after that good things happen and then badish things happen.