Snow White And The Red Rose

By Madison

Once upon a time there was a queen. One night the queen a little baby girl. Her hair was as black as night and her skin was as white as snow. So they called her Snow White.

When she was 8 her dad died in war. By the time she was 11 her mum got remarried. Snow White promised herself and said “I will rule this castle like my father”.

Snow White’s mum married king Arthur the worlds best knight. But a thing about King Arthur was very strange. He was evil. He always said evilly to Snow White,"one day I'll kill you!"

The next day King Arthur took Snow White into the forest and ran off. Snow White was afraid and scared. It was very cold and Snow White was only wearing a silk gown with a little silk coat. Then all of a sudden a beast came and chased her. She ran into a little cottage and inside there was 7 little monsters staring at her.
"sorry to disturb you but beast is chasing me can I stay for one night? Asked Snow White. "Well only if you take care of the house. " Said the 1st monster. So they left the house to her.
Meanwhile Snow White's mum was worried so she sent 100 guards to find Snow White. King Arthur thought she was dead so he let them go to find her.
A week passed. Nobody could find her. But then a call came to the palace phone. It was the guards. They found her. So they took her back to the castle. And she lived happily ever after with her mum.