The Egyptian Chronicle

Published 1280 BC

Larger Than Life

Seti I, our new pharaoh, has decided to make an interesting addition to our beautiful kingdom. Now, during flood season, farmers and slaves are in construction of his new creation to the Egyptian culture. Are you ready? I know I am. It's a tomb, but not just any tomb, one of the largest and deepest tomb's yet to be built in Egypt. Commoners are in await of this new architectural advancement. How exciting!

Not All Gone

Hatshesput is Back!

Hatshepsut, the woman who brought bananas and our first woman pharaoh. Has not been fully erased! With all of Thutmose III to destroy what she had done. Commoners came upon her old temple. "All hail bananas!" They said. Most would think her efforts were contraversal and would have left the temple alone. These commoners loved Hatshepsut and were able to share it with us. The scribes hired to erase her must've felt bad!!!


Akenhaten wasn't exactly a favorite of our many pharaohs. He was married to the beautiful Nefrititi and he was definitely out of her league. He was so ugly! Now that he and his son has past, it's time to move on and laugh at his ugly statues! We like his son, but his son is still in is family. He was very different from other pharaohs because he didn't want our religion, changed our culture and capital. He also was not a god, that's obvious in his statue. He wanted to look how he was. That was stupid because he is not and didn't look like a god.
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Only the Good Die Young :( :(

We knew about Tutankhamen's death, but we didn't know how. We were so upset to hear he died so young. 19!! He was reckless a teenager, but leaded our country strong. His father wasn't a good leader, but he was. We loved him as a pharaoh and to see him go is a tragedy. We just discovered shattered pieces of a chariot. We assume it was his, he was racing and must have gotten in a crash. We can't blame him, he was so young. It's unfortunate for the royal to die a young death, but we don't for sure how. His luxurious tomb shows our gratitude for his leadership. Rest in Piece, we hope you have the greatest afterlife with Ra.

The Sacred Baby

Seti the first has a new addition to his family! It's a boy, carried by his main wife, this boy will be next pharaoh. His name is Ramses II named after Seti I's father, Ramses I. Get used to this name because this baby will be our leader one day. All hail Seti I and his baby!
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Minecraft Timelapse - Ancient Egyptian City

Egyptian Building turned easy!

They make it seem so easy to build our city! Yet, it wasn't. It took so long and men took so much of their time to help our fellow commoners. This is still so cool!!!!

Kufu's Afterlife Collection!?

A priest heard Khufu tell him to give him the newest invention in his tomb. We are delighted to say Khufu was happy with this addition and the priest was no longer haunted by Khufu's constant begging. Khufu is now happy in the afterlife, we were glad to have as a pharaoh Khufu!!!


An easy and fun way to contact Seti I. Only send him stuff for business reasons. He doesn't want to be bothered. He is pharaoh. He needs to only work with serious problems.


"How do you think Tutankhamen died?" We aren't for sure that he died in a chariot.

Mafanika, 22

"I think he died from a chariot, because we found a gold chariot broken near his body."

Frankily, 42

"I think he died from an Hippopotamus because they are vicious animals and his chariot crashed near the nile."

Kinecia, 39

" I do not think that King Tutankhamen died. He might just be hiding."