Vans "Off the Wall"

Do you know were your shoes come from?


Vans was created in 1966 and there main purpose was a reliable and durable skate shoes. Personally I own a pair of vans and they are amazing. Very good value and they last forever.

Globalization vs. Vans

Vans major factories are located in China and this transfer has been a large upcoming problem for the United States. For example in 1999 the US calculated that China made the US go into a 68.6 billion dollar trade deficit. While China only went into a 22.4 billion trade deficit,that is a giant difference of 46.2 billion dollars between the two countries. One way of fixing this is the US and China have the same prices on products and services. But there is a very slim chance of this happening because everything in China is cheaper than the US. But a realistic solution to this problem is For example a jeep grand Cherokee is about 40,000 dollars for expensive in the US than it is in China.

Geography and Globalization

One way that both Globalization and Geography relate to me is the product use everyday, for example clothes.Also Geography relates to me because I live where I do because it is convenient. For example;groceries,malls,and even gas. One way Globalization relates to me is my vans and how I use them as a form of transportation and they protect my feet.

Past,Present,and Future?

Geography and Globalization have affected my life in the past because before I was born my dad lived in Rhode Island before he accepted a job in new Hampshire and that is how my dad and mom met. In the present the unit one claim relates to me because of were I live and were I go to school.And In the future Globalization and Geography will determine were I meet knew people and start my adult life.

6 words

In the world everything helps everyone.