Nicole and Leslie's General Shoppe

The Best General Shoppe In Town

We sale local foods and drinks!!!!!!!!!!

In our general store, we sell local foods and drinks like fruits, vegetables, healthy drinks, and other healthy foods or drinks.Our sale are lower prices because some people won't have enough money to buy.We don't sale junk food because they aren't healthy for you. If you want to be healthy and strong, so come to our shoppe. Wanna grow big and strong, so come to our shoppe, and buy our local foods.

Our awesome product is healthy foods and healthy drinks!!!!!!!!!

Our shoppe is the best, so come on down!!!!

In our shoppe we sale foods, drinks, vegetables, healthy food and drinks! Our prices are low because some people don't really have money. We don't have junk food sorry! We only sell healthy food. Our shoppe has any kind of healthy foods. Our food are the best!!!!

We are the Nicole and Leslie's General Shoppe.

We are the best in town so come on down!!!