CAP Newsletter

By: Caitlyn Chan

Looking for a vacation? Then come to Manifest, Kansas. A perfect, mysterious get-away for a year-round vacation! There's no other way to get there than the Manifest Railway.

This luxurious railway has beautiful scenery and comfortable seats for a long ride.

Train tickets are $2.99 for an infant (5 years or younger). $4.99 for a child (6 years to 12 years). $6.99 for teens (13 years to 17 years). $9.99 for adults and seniors (18 years and older). Come quick, the trains won't be here all day. Call 264-927-9276 for more information.

Dear Emma

Dear Emma,

My grandmother has just passed away a couple of weeks ago. We had such a close relationship that she was like a second mother, when my real mom is at work.

I've been going through some rough times lately and I'm really depressed. My caring friends and sweet parents are all telling me motivating phrases, like "Don't worry" and "It's going to get better." I try so hard to tell myself that they're right, but honestly it's just getting worse. I've searched many websites that are supposed to help get over a loss. One website told me to stay in my room and watch happy movies. That hasn't worked out for me either, and I've watched 13 movies in 1 week!

I thought that maybe I could get some advice from a true expert whose ideas actually work. Please help me, Emma!

~Depressed Debra

Going through a loss can be a really difficult. I've actually been through a couple of losses myself. What really helped me get through this loss stage, was having my older sister right by my side helping me every step of the way.

I think that it is nice that your friends and family are giving your some support. You don't have to think that their right, but you might as well listen to them when they're telling you that it's going to be fine in the end. It is always good to have someone that has you back through this losing someone process, though.

When you start to feel sad or upset, you should do things that make you feel happy. If you like ice cream, go eat all the ice cream you want. If you like to hang out with your friends, go ahead. The most important thing is to never be afraid to ask for help. Your friends and family will help you a lot through this loss process.


Emma ;)

Locomotion Foster Care is the #1 foster care in all of Brooklyn, New York. This foster care home has a five star rating and a beautiful location right next to the park. We will find you a home before you can say, "Do the Locomotion!"

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Character Interview: Miss Sadie

Miss Sadie is a Hungarian diviner from the mysterious town of Manifest, Kansas. There has been a murderer spy that has been on the loose. Three brave girls, Abilene, Lettie, and Ruthanne, have decided that they were going to be the ones who will be on the lookout. What secrets will they find? With Miss Sadie looking over everything, we think that she will for sure know what's going on. She knows a lot more about you and me than you think! We have asked her some questions, to see if she knows what insanity that is happening right now in Manifest, Kansas.

- What would you predict would happen if Abilene and her friends revealed the identity of the Rattler? |If Abilene and her friends found the identity of the Rattler, it wouldn't be a big deal. Abilene will realize the adventure they had that helped them strengthen their friendship. Her friends will leave the past behind them and find a way to make their future better.|

-What judgment could be made about Jinx's behavior toward the sheriff? | The sheriff thinks that Jinx is part of a murderer and that this criminal should be arrested. Jinx knows that the sheriff is on to him. You can tell by the way he tries to keep his distance and cautiously tries to ignore the fact that the sheriff is watching his every move.|

-How can you prove or disprove that Abilene is finished with the work in your garden? |I will not be the one to know when she is finished. She will know when she is finished. Though my garden is not finished, it's what she thinks of her work and whether or not she is finished with my garden.|

-How is Jinx related to Gideon, Abilene's father? |Jinx is much like Gideon Tucker. They have many things in common, but they are not blood related. Though, I would not want to tell Abilene any of this information, for the secrets will reveal themselves soon.|

-What conclusions can you draw from Abilene's behavior toward the garden shed? |Abilene obviously wants to know what is hidden in the walls of my garden shed. She will soon find out what is inside, but for now we will not discuss what is hidden in my garden shed. That is none of your business.|

-What conclusions can you draw from the note on tree house? |Leave well enough alone is what the letter said. It scared Abilene and her friends, but those brave girls kept their hunt going. The note was actually a misconception. Someone just thought their they were on to him or her and not the Rattler.|

-What judgement could be made from Ned's letters to Jinx? |Ned's letters to Jinx are very special. They are unique letters that have a sentimental meaning to them. They are great memories of the past. They remind me of many memories myself of when I first moved here.|

-Why do you think Shady would allow an outlaw, Jinx, stay with him at his house? |Shady let Jinx live with him, because he did not know Jinx was part of the crime that the Sheriff has been looking for. Shady is also the type of guy how is always looking out for everyone and is always willing to help the ones in need. Later on though, Shady finds out that Jinx is part of a crime, but it doesn't seem to bother him knowing that Jinx is good guy.|

-What would you predict would happen if Gideon never came back for Abilene? |By now, Abilene has become connected with Manifest and treats it like her home. Also, Abilene will not leave until she finds out more about Gideon's past. Even though Gideon might not come back for her, I can tell that she misses him.|

-What evidence supports that the Rattler actually exists? |Many people have seen dark figures and odd rattling sounds around the woods, but this is not true proof that it actually exists. Many people also have big imaginations and have heard many stories from the ones that they believe and trust. I know that the Rattler does not exists, it just a figment of their imagination.|

Coming from Hungary, Miss Sadie has a lot of skill. Miss Sadie is a woman of magic and mind. She knows almost everything about everyone and everything that is happening from the tiniest detail to the obvious answers.

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