Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan '11

Japan gets flooded after huge earthquake and tsunami combo!


On March 11 2011 Japan had a magnitude 9 earthquake! Apparently the earthquake was felt around the world and debris was still being washed up on North American shores in 2013!! They think the earthquake was caused by a level 7 nuclear explosion on one of Japan's many islands.


The earthquake is actually what triggered the tsunami because the earthquake hit of shore in a subduction zone. One of the waves was 33 feet tall and another had penetrated 6 miles into the city before stopping.


the after math of the tsunami caused a huge loss of life and it destroyed the economy. 15,861 people were confirmed to die and 2,500 were still missing as of 2015. 300,000 people were in a single shelter and there was a shortage of food, medicine and supplies in general. All in all this tsunami earthquake flood combo devastated the main island of Japan not only physically but mentally too.