Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Hosted by Sue Collie, October 16th, 6:30-8;30 pm

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Sue is hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar!

My name is Megan and I'm Sue's daughter! She was gracious enough to offer to host a Jewelry Bar for us! My 13 yr old daughter, Emma, and I have recently teamed up with Origami Owl as Independent Designers.

I know what you are thinking, another party!?? I promise this is nothing like any other party you have been to. Jewelry Bars are unique in that they offer a chance for connections to be made on a more personal level, while we look at some beautiful, yet meaningful jewelry.

October 16th also happens to be the first day that you can order the Holiday Collections. So you will get some of the first peeks at the full collection. You won't want to miss it! The party will start at 6:30 with a short presentation at 7 pm. Stay as long as your schedule allows!

What is Origami Owl?

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a social selling company with a unique twist; we were founded by a 14 year old entrepreneur! Each locket is personalized with charms, plates, dangles and tags to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, gift, or keepsake.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to do something with my teenager! It helps us to connect with one another and work side-by-side at something. We love helping people tell their story with jewelry. I love when people ask me what's in my locket. I get to tell them why I have a Hope plate (for my 10 yr old who was diagnosed Autistic at age 18 months, but through diet and nutritional supplements was able to reverse that). Then I have my umbrella charm for learning to dance in the rain after losing my best friend when we were 22, my 3 daughter's birthstones and a cross for my faith.

We all have stories to tell and my locket keeps my story close to me. Some folks like to use the lockets as a dream locket (e.g. dreaming of going to France one day) or in memory of a lost loved one, or symbolic of being a cancer survivor.

You can contact us with any questions that you have and if you are interested in hosting your own Jewelry Bar, Sue will earn a half-price item for each date booked!

We also offer fundraisers for your favorite charity or team. You can earn up to 25% for your favorite cause. Contact us for more details!

If you aren't able to come on October 16th, you can order online.

Curious about what Origami Owl is and how it started? Check out the video below.
The Origami Owl Story - Bella's Journey
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Our New Fall Collections!

Check out the video below for a Sneak Peek at the 2014 Holiday Collection!

About Us

Megan & Emma Gorg, Independent Designer #12414385

We are a mother/daughter team located in Warrenton, VA. We love helping others tell their story through Origami Owl's Living Locket®. If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to have you! Contact us!
Say Hello: Join the Origami Owl Family

This is not your mom's home selling business!

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Origami Owl is Offering a Limited Edition of Their Business Starter Kit!

A new business package is available for those interested in starting their own business! What a great time to start! Earn extra money for gifts for your family!

+ The Holly Jolly Box of Happy {Business Package} has a retail value of over $825 for only $199
+ It includes all the content from our Basic Business Package PLUS some new holiday exclusives (including limited edition Charms and holiday handouts)!
+ New Designers will earn 100PV {our gift to you}

This is a limited time offer, with limited quantities! If you are interested in this kit, please contact me and I will give you the details on ordering it (it's not through our Origami Owl website). Amazing opportunity! If I could buy it again, I would!
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