Preparing to Welcome Back Students

Important Millennial Tech Middle Updates

April 5th thru 9th--Students attend periods 1, 2, & 3, as usual.

Phase 2 Begins--Welcome Back Participating Students

Hello MTM Families:

Phase 2 is officially in full swing. MTM is preparing to have students come back to campus. Safety measures are in place, teachers are returning to the site, and the campus is getting ready to work with stable cohorts of students. Please see below to find out more about what the days will look like, when your child can participate, and details that can help you arrange your daily schedules and feel comfortable sending your child back to school. We look forward to seeing our students in person and continuing with both online and in person class offerings.

Students will remain in periods 1, 2, and 3, from April 5th to April 9th. Schedules and school start times will change come April 12th! Please see below.

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April 12th thru June 15th--Students attend Periods 4, 5, & 6 with new start and end times

What will the schedule look like on April 12th?

AA/BB Day Schedules--What days can my student come to school?

Due to the high volume of students wanting to return to the school site, in order to maintain the 14 or less students per classroom, MTM will be offering 2 day stable cohorts.

If your child's last name begins with A through L:

Reporting days will be Monday and Tuesday, weekly. Students will Zoom with their teachers the remainder of the week from home.

If your child's name begins with M through Z:

Reporting days will be Wednesday and Thursday, weekly. Students will Zoom with their teachers the remainder of the week from home.

If you have chosen for your child to remain in online learning, students will attend all classes and office hours through online platforms, but will still need to adhere to the new (earlier) bell schedule. Students are expected to begin class at 7:40 AM, daily.

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Students Need an Opt-in Form to be on Campus--Please see details below

What does my student need to be at school?

Parent Preference Survey Data:

Families would have needed to have let MTM know that their child was returning to the site, either by phone or by filling out the district's parent preference survey. If you did not indicate that your child would be returning to school, students were automatically placed into online learning for the remainder of the school year.

What if I change my mind and want my child to return to school?

If you would like your child to return to the site, this school year, please email, so that your child can be placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted if space becomes available.

Opt-in Form:

Students will need to have an opt-in form completed by their parent/guardian before being allowed on campus. Please click here to access Opt-in Form. If you are able to print the form, please sign and date and have your child bring this form to school on their first reporting day. Our office hours are 7:30 AM-2:30 PM, Monday through Thursday. Feel free to come to the Main Office to fill out the form in person the week of April 5th. Students who do not have this form filled out will not be allowed access to their classrooms.

Daily Health Screening:

Before arriving to school, please have your child fill out the digital health questionnaire. Click here to access this questionnaire. This will indicate if your child is healthy enough to come onto the campus each day. Students who display symptoms or who have a failed health questionnaire will need to remain at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be served breakfast if in person?

Yes. If your child is attending classes in person, breakfast will be served between the hours of 7:25 AM-7:40 AM, Monday through Thursday. If your child is enrolled in online learning, food distribution centers can be found at participating sites, where lunch, supper and the following day's breakfast would be provided.

Will afterschool programs be available?

Yes. However, they are first come first serve. Primetime ARC will be offering at least 3 hours of supervision from 11:10 PM -2:10 PM. Please email Primetime at: to indicate that you would like for your child to participate in PrimeTime opportunities.

Learning labs may be available, but are still in the process of being assigned to willing staff. EarthLab may have future offerings. Please stay tuned for more information about afterschool options.

How many students can be placed in a classroom?

Students must have 5 feet of spacing between their desk and other students. At MTM, we can fit 14 students, on average, following these guidelines.

How do I know it is safe for my child to return?

We are following all health and safety guidelines provided by the district. The district is guided by a team of scientist who provide the latest health information to help guide district decision-making. At this time, COVID-19 cases seem to be declining and Phase 2 has become an option.

What if my child is afraid of returning to school?

We know that it may be difficult for some students to return to the school site. We have been apart for a long period of time and students are used to participating in school through online means. Anticipating that students may need support, a restorative team has been working diligently to provide ways for students to get the support they need. For example, the campus will have mask break areas, a calming room, access to counselors, a mental health clinician, a project resource teacher, access to administration, and have abilities to ask for help by filling out a Google form. MTM hopes to create a student-centered campus, where students feel included, valued, and respected.

What happens if my child becomes sick?

All staff and students will have access to COVID testing on site, twice a month. If your child becomes sick, they will be asked to quarantine. If your child is confirmed to be positive for COVID-19, contact-tracing will allow our school's nurse to contact families and staff that may have been affected so that they too can test and remain quarantined to stop any potential spread of illness. All efforts are being made to stop any spread of disease, including mask wearing protocols, social distancing, limiting of class sizes, handwashing stations, sanitizer stations, and bathroom procedures.

Will busing be available?

No neighborhood busing is being provided. Students who have transportation written into their IEP, will be accommodated. Most students will need to find means to get to and from school (walking, car drop-off...etc.). All students must use the bus loop area to enter the school site. The gate by Gomper's park is for staff only. All students will be redirected to enter the school site from Hilltop Lane, in between Gomper's Academy and Gomper's park.

Can my child come to school 4-days a week, instead of 2?

Due to the high demand of students wanting to return to the site, we are following a 2-day schedule. If you believe your child may need all four days, please contact our Vice Principal at: to see if exceptions can be made. Since we are limited in capacity, decisions would be made on a case-by-case scenario and would need to allow for safety measures to be followed.

Will my child have access to the drinking fountains?

The drinking fountains have been converted to water bottle filling stations. Students will receive a refillable water bottle from the school. However, students are welcome to bring their own refillable water bottles from home.

Are their restroom procedures in place?

Yes. Restrooms will have a maximum capacity of 4 students in the 3000 building and a capacity of 2 in the smaller bathrooms around the cafeteria area. Students will need to wear lanyards, which will serve as their bathroom pass and identification. Students would hang their lanyard on the provided hooks to indicate that a restroom stall is being used. If the hooks are filled, students will need to wait until a hook becomes available before entering the restroom. Empty hooks mean that their is a vacancy. Hooks with lanyards mean the restroom is at capacity.

Will my child receive a lunch?

Yes. Your child can receive a Grab-and-Go lunch at 10:41 AM. If students participate in afterschool programs, they would eat on campus and then head to their afterschool offering.

What if I have more questions?

MTM will be offering a few parent meetings to help families feel more informed and comfortable with their decision. Please come prepared to ask questions. Stay tuned for Zoom link and times. However, in the mean time, please do not hesitate to email the principal at: We are happy to help in any way we can!