Hardyston Schools Weekend Update

January 17, 2021

Altered Scheduled this Week

School is closed Monday, January 18 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

  • The blue cohort will report to school on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • The gold cohort will report to school on Thursday and Friday.
  • Lunch pickups will be available on Tuesday, January 19.

Please click here for the January cohort calendar.

COVID-19 Compatible Symptoms

Symptom Based Exclusion for Individuals with COVID-19 Compatible Symptoms:

Parents should not send students to school when sick. Parents should not send students to school when any member of the household is sick or when any member of the household has been exposed to COVID-19.

For school settings, NJDOH recommends that students with the following symptoms or students who are exposed to the following symptoms through a household member be promptly isolated from others and excluded from school for 14 days. Contact your school nurse in order to be guided through that process.

At least two of the following symptoms:

fever (measure or subjective), chills, rigors (shivers), myalgia (muscle aches), headache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, congestion, or runny nose


At least one of the following symptoms:

cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, new olfactory disorder, new taste disorder.

Symptoms of COVID-19:


Join our Middle School Band & Choir!

Band and Choir is open again to join for January to the end of the school year! If you didn't have a chance to participate in Band and/or Choir this past fall and would like to join this winter and spring, please follow the link below to sign up. Feel free to email Ms. Kempf with any questions: ekempf@htps.org.


Attention 8th Graders:

8th Grade-Pictures

Students who have not had their picture taken this year or would like a retake with their gown or regular picture they will be taken on the following days:

February 2nd

Blue Cohort

Virtual - from 3:00 to 4:00

Gold Cohort - February 5th

8th grade parents - diploma names

Please click here to indicate the name you'd like on your child's diploma.

Message from our SEPAG - free presentation this Thursday, 1/21

Please join us for a FREE presentation via Zoom on Thursday, January 21st at 6 pm. Special Needs Funding Coach, Donald T. Brown will discuss how to plan for your child's future. Please refer to the attachments for complete details and RSVP.




Free lunches are STILL available!

Every student is able to receive a FREE school lunch, 7 days per week

  • School lunches are FREE to all students
  • No paperwork is required
  • Simply come to the Middle School vestibule and take what you need

Adjusted Food Pickup Time

  • Food is picked up in the two refrigerators located in the middle school vestibule
  • Pickup time is between 11:30-3:00, Tuesday-Friday for this week, since we are closed on Monday.

Please call the Middle School main office and let us know if you need

special pickup accommodations or delivery!

Local YMCA Programs

Please see the attached flyers for information on new YMCA programs.

January and February vacation camps - click here

Winter Sports Offerings - click here

Summer Camp VIP - click here

Membership flyer - click here

Join the Girl Scouts!

PTA News

Don't forget about BOX TOPS! The program is moving to digital - so please be sure to sign up using the link below! Scan your receipts when you shop to be sure to maximize earnings! You can also sign up directly through Shop Rite to link your Price Plus card using the Shop Rite For My School link below.



Keep an eye out for details in the new year for our online auction! (This will replace the tricky tray that had to be canceled due to the pandemic.) It will be a safe and fun event for all!

Middle School Synchronous Learning

In an effort to increase teacher-to-student contact and instructional consistency, middle students will be taught synchronously Monday through Friday. Please refer to the schedule below.

Blue Cohort

  • Monday & Tuesday: In School - Full day schedule

  • Wednesday: Remote - Early dismissal schedule

  • Thursday & Friday: Remote - Full day schedule

    • Log in for the first 25-30 minutes of every class period

    • No login is required for physical education

Gold Cohort

  • Monday & Tuesday: Remote - Full day schedule

    • Log in for the first 25-30 minutes of every class period

    • No login is required for physical education

  • Wednesday: Remote - Early dismissal schedule

  • Thursday & Friday: In School - Full day schedule

Virtual Cohort

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: Full day schedule

  • Wednesday: Early dismissal schedule

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we work together to enhance learning and create more opportunities for academic success.