Knights Watch

September 28 - October 2

All In, Mt. Gallant!

How We Win:

  • Building and sustaining relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Identifying Essential Learnings for ELA and Math
  • Personalizing the MGES experience and learning for each child

Knights of the Round Table and Gallant Girls

I am so proud of this year's crop of Gallant Girls and Knights of the Roundtable. Each student had insightful things to say about our school, our teachers, and our future during interviews. I was extremely impressed and everyone in our building has contributed to who these folks are becoming. Please congratulate these students when you see them! Our first meeting will be Friday at 1:45 in the cafeteria.

Gallant Girls

April Clark, Brianna Carroll, Gracyn Wright, Jalaa Rahaim, Jia Lin, Trinity Bowins, Talia Caldwell, Alani Hunt, Anna Bryant, Brooklyn Armstrong, Hannah Wallace, McKenna Baker, Shyanne Hurayt, Gabrielle Harvey, Kalli Green, Laney Johnson, Le'ara Floyd, Mihali Faile, Rebecca Price, Elanor Goshorn, Shakiya Nichols

Knights of the Round Table

Kahli Robinson, Will Papp, Travis Stuckey, Jonathan Hill, Brody Donaldson, Nahari Suchanek, Matthew McSwain, Tre Wilmore, AJ Miller, Dallas Taylor, Ethan Belk, Nashon Suchanek, Christian Griffin, Corey Rice

Number Talks - Action Research

The math coaches will pre-screen 10 randomly selected students from each grade level beginning September 21. On Wednesday, September 30, the coaches will come to meet with us during team planning to show us strategies to improve number sense for our specific grade levels. Students will be assessed again at the end of the year.

PST Process

You've identified a student with academic or behavioral concern:
  1. Meet with your team to specify the concern and discuss how to change your instruction/behavior plan to support the child
  2. Track the progress for three to four weeks using the easy Intervention Documentation form in Canvas. (Blank form and sample found in Canvas)

If the student is still not progressing:

  1. Complete the Before Meeting documentation in Canvas
  2. Email Moree to set up a PST meeting
  3. Bring Intervention and Before Meeting documentation along with evidence/data to first meeting.

All PST meetings will be held on Thursdays during planning so Tracy, school psych, can attend. There will not be one school Problem-Solving Team. Each grade level will serve as its own team and appropriate folks will be added depending on need (nurse, counselor, resource, etc.).

From Ms. Leonard: Report Cards and Grading

All grades are due in Power School on October 14th by 5:00 pm.

K-2nd Additional Grade Reporting Elements

  • All grades are reported in PowerTeacher (under F1 reporting term)
  • Standards will not automatically “roll-up” to populate the Power Standards. Teachers will need to make a summary judgment based on overall student performance and record the grade in the Power Standard (1, 2, 3, 4).
  • In addition to recording the standards grades for the quarter, the following areas need to be updated in PowerTeacher:

----------Instructional Reading Level

----------Behavior: Personal & Social Development in K-2 (C, S, R, N)

**NOTE: DO NOT click on ‘grades complete’.

3rd–5th Additional Grade Reporting Elements

  • At the end of each Quarter the teacher will need to add the following information into PowerTeacher under the appropriate Quarter by the Quarter deadline noted above:

----------Instructional Reading Level

----------Behavior: Learning & Social Skills in 3-5 (S, US)

----------Document if a student receives accommodations or modifications.

Flu Shot Information

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Knights Doing It Right

We enjoyed recognizing our3-5 students last Wednesday. Each student had a chance to share why they were chosen and how that behavior relates to The Knight Way. Don't feel like you have to write anything up, just simply tell the child why they were selected.

Our incentive program will continue this Wednesday for grades K-2. If you've caught a student from your class caught doing "it" right, send him/her to the office with the knight figure at 2pm. The "it" should include behaviors that are in line with our overall expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready to Learn. If you don't have anyone to honor, that's okay. I'd rather you honor someone with an example to share than to just pick someone because it's Wednesday.

Mega Party Schedule - October 7

8:15 – 9:15 – Top Sellers

9:20 – 10:20 –First and Second Grades

10:25 – 11:25 – Third, Whitesides, and Howe

11:25 – 12:25 – Kindergarten

12:40 – 1:40 – Fifth, Good, and Powers

Fall Showcase on Oct. 29

Our Fall Showcase will be held Thursday, October 29 from 5:30 - 7pm. Special Area folks are cooking up some exciting things for our families to do and see. Teachers, you will need to have a creative display outside of your classroom and student work inside of the classroom. This will be a time for parents to get a look at what our kids are doing. More information to come.

You will be able to wear jeans all day on October 29 if you wear a plaid shirt!

This Week:


  • If you are planning to join us at El Cancun and/or the football games, you may wear jeans with an MGES shirt.
  • Moree meeting at 12:30
  • Core to meet briefly in conference room from 2:45 - 3:15 - School Improvement Plan
  • Spirit Night at McAlister's Deli from 5 - 9pm


  • Moree at Leadership
  • You may leave at 3:15


  • Team Meetings in PD Room - Math Coaches will share results of pre-screening - Number Talks PD
  • K-2 Knights Doing It Right to office at 2pm


  • Leonard AP Meeting, AM
  • Fourth Grade PST Meeting at 9am
  • PTA at 6pm


  • Spirit Day
  • Put recycling boxes in the hall by 7:45AM
  • Moree and K. Baker to Ebinport, AM
  • Bryant to Brattonsville; S. Baker and K. Baker to Museum
  • Moree meeting at 10:30
  • Knights of the Round Table and Gallant Girls Meet at 1:45 in Cafeteria
  • PLC Minutes Due to Canvas

Reading Coach's Corner

For details pertaining to your Read to Succeed (R2S) endorsement needs, please view: Succeed/documents/R2S_Endorsement_Overview.pdf#page=1&zoom=auto,-170,792

Recommended Resource! Reading Essentials by Regie Routman

Based on her continuing work teaching in schools, Routman proves that good teaching doesn't have to mean lots of hours spent planning. What's necessary is good thinking—thinking about what matters to kids, what kids need to know, how we can move them forward, and how to ensure that they comprehend and enjoy what they read—including struggling students. Readers will discover research-based strategies, immediately doable ideas, and detailed lessons—all based on an instructional framework that includes:

  • demonstrations
  • shared demonstrations
  • guided practice
  • independent practice

Good news for Guided Reading! We now have a detailed description and sample lesson plan for the Transitional, Self-Extending, Advanced stages. Check it out on Canvas under Curriculum Support. Descriptions of the other plans can be found in the Literacy Guide. Feel free to contact me if you are seeking additional support with this in your classroom.

Try, Try, Again! Here is last week’s YouTube clip of MGES students developing their own classroom library, along with the support and guidance of their brave teacher!

Be brave, take a risk, and try something new in your classroom this week!

Check the MGES Calendar for Upcoming Events!