Bend Adventure Boot Camp

Get Fit. Live Fit. Be Fit.

Come back and see what is new at Bend Adventure Boot Camp!

We have an all new class schedule and new prices to give you another reason to come back and join us!

It has been too long and we wanted to share our exciting new! We are the same amazing workout but with more new options and lower prices for 2014!

Current Classes being offered.

Adventure Boot Camp-visit our website for class times. Location Cascade Indoor Sports.
This is our signature class offering total body training in a fun and challenging class open to all levels. Classes offer intervals, circuits, strength and flexibility utilizing over 15,000 square feet of indoor turf during the winter months and endless park space during the warmer months.

TRX Total Body- M,W,F 9am at Sol Alchemy TRX Studio
TRX is a total body workout that offers 360 degrees of strength and stabilization. We are the only group TRX studio in Central Oregon. If you are a seasoned athlete, weekend warrior or looking for a non-impact total body workout, this class is for you. Join us for a challenging 60 minute class today. Space is limited to 12 athletes.

Saturday Mixer- Saturday 8am at Sol Alchemy TRX Studio
This class will incorporate High Intensity Intervals (HIIT), Cardio Boxing, TRX and Yoga. This class is a 75 minute team taught class pushing you to reach new levels in your current fitness program. This class is being offered every Saturday at 8am at Sol Alchemy TRX Studio.

Yoga for Atheltes-
Monday 12:00pm and Wednesday at 8:00-8:45 at Sol Alchemy TRX Studio-Starts January 6th!
Yoga for Athletes is designed for athletes of all levels, recreational to competitive. Learn techniques and poses that will help facilitate your training and maximize your recovery. This class will develop core strength and stability and release tension in tight areas. You will learn to stay centered and focused through challenging poses by concentrating on smooth, even inhalations and exhalations, which prepares the athlete to stay mentally focused during challenging workouts, training runs, or races. Enhance your performance during daily workouts and competitions by learning how to relax tight muscles and ease an anxious and overworked athlete mindset. Light weights will occasionally be used to help offer some pilates based movements adding for additional benefits. This class is led by amazing yogi Sam Osborne.

5:30pm Co-Ed Boot Camp is now offered 4 nights a week including one night of TRX/Yoga.
Monday-Thursday nights.

Classes are offered to both Men and Women!

Make sure you are signed up for your classes. You can view ALL class times on-line at

New Prices for 2014!

Our new pricing has been lowered based on the feedback from you our athletes and community.

We want to offer the same great classes, nutrition support and community while giving you a chance to jump into a monthly package for $140 for unlimited classes. This includes Adventure Boot Camp classes, TRX, Yoga for Athletes and our running club.
To take advantage of even lower prices you can check out our Auto payment options.

New Auto Payment Option:
We are now offering auto payment options for those wanting to take advantage of this discount. There is a 3 month minimum but your monthly unlimited class costs drop to $130 per month. You can sign up for this new service under "Contracts" on the services tab of MindBody.

You can view our classes and sign up at

E-mail us to learn about our January 14th "Come and Sweat" special price promotion.
limited time offer for all NEW athletes. or visit our facebook page on January 14, 2014 for more information.

Nutritional Support

Although we are no longer just offering 4 week camps to help you look and feel your best we are still offering the same great nutrition support to help you along the way. Whether you are coming to class twice a week or everyday staying focused on your nutrition will help you see better results.

New Nutrition Support:
  • Monthly meal plans and recipe to help you create a plan that works for you, your family and your busy schedule.

  • Weekly Challenges in both nutrition and fitness will help you stay accountable while we help you work towards your goals.

  • Ongoing workshops to help you learn more about new techniques, recipes and ideas to help you sustain your nutrition goals.

  • And much more!

January purification challenge!

We will be hosting a January Purification thanks to Mara Kevan at Healing Response Acupuncture. This is not a 'No' eating cleanse or a drink-yourself-thin type of thing, this is a purification to allow your body to get stocked up with healthy nutrients and relieve your body of all the processed foods, sugars, alcohol and meats we often consume, especially during the holidays.

We will be hosting information meetings after each class to offer up details and answer any questions.

6am class: Tuesday January 7th
9am class: Friday January 10th
5:30pm class: Wednesday January 8th
Saturday 8am class: Saturday January 11th

Join us for a kick-off meeting on Saturday January 25th after our new 8am Saturday class. We will be meeting at Mother's Cafe on the East side to kick off the purification, taste some of their delicious juices and get all you need for the your 21 day journey.

As a group we will be starting the purification on Sunday January 26th and will be meeting as a group and using it as a support to jump start our 2014 together.

Here is an overview of what the 21 days will look like!
The first 10 days are the heart of the cleanse where you eat unlimited vegetables and have smoothies with the protein powder that I provide you with.
Starting Day 11, you can re-introduce a food protein such as fish, chicken, eggs, or nuts & seeds. Days 11-21 you are continuing to do the protein smoothies, base your diet on unlimited vegetables and also have the added protein source.
Day 21 completes the purification program.
Day 22 begins the post purification program and for these following 3 weeks, you continue to instill the good eating habits that you developed during the 21-day cleanse.
Each week, you will come in for an acupuncture appointment (3-6 total treatments) to support you in reaching your health goals and over-all wellness.
I don't guarantee anything in medicine. I do guarantee that following an anti-inflammatory food regimen, doing a cleanse 2-3x year to press the "re-start" button, having acupuncture regularly and daily exercise supports us in balancing blood sugar levels! A balanced blood sugar level ensures clear mental clarity, good energy, great sleep, increased libido, decreased pain, improved digestion, clear skin, tranquil mood, and healthy weight levels! Let's start 2014 feeling your very best! We are here for you in support, every step of the way to obtaining optimal wellness!