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October 14, 2022

Progress Reports

Progress Reports went home this week. If you did not get a copy, please email your child's teacher right away. This is the mid-point of the trimester. The end of the Trimester will be November 11th. Report Cards will be distributed during Parent/Teacher conferences during our minimum day schedule 11/14-11/18. During that week, all K-8 students will be dismissed at 1:05.

Blue Family Information Forms

As you may or may not know, State funding for our school district is partially determined by the income levels of parents in the community. For example, Pepper Drive School receives between $150,000 and $200,000 yearly from Title I funding based on the completion of these forms. You can help us maintain or potentially increase the funding we receive to educate your child(ren) by completing either an application for free or reduced priced meals OR an alternative income form, which we call the Annual Family Information Form. The first class to have 100% of forms completed and turned in will get an extra recess with Mrs. Bradbury!

If you HAVE NOT submitted a meal application for your child(ren) this year, please help us by completing either the on-line form, which can be accessed by clicking HERE, or by completing the blue paper form which was sent home with your student(s) today.

In order for your form to be used for calculating State funding, it must be submitted on-line, or be received at the school, no later than October 31, 2022.

Thank you for your assistance with this important matter.

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We are on our way to reaching our goal of 500 pairs of donated socks before the end of October. We currently have 142 pairs of socks donated. These donations will be donated to the East County Transitional Living Center. Socks (and underwear) are the most requested, least donated items in shelters. Currently, there are almost 200 children living at the Transitional Living Center. All donations are appreciated.

Teen Vaping

Unfortunately, vapes are marketed in ways that appeal to kids and teens. In our school and around our community, we are finding that students are having easier access to vape pens. Please keep an eye on your children and look out for items like those pictured (right). Some look like USB memory sticks or chapstick. We have heard of kids being able to order this type of device online to have delivered. It is scary how easily kids get access, and can conceal the use of these devices.

What to look out for:

  • A sweet scent in the air or on the sleeves of clothing
  • Unfamiliar pens and USB drives
  • Drinking more water
  • Nosebleeds
  • Cough or mouth sores
  • New batteries and chargers
  • Discarded vaping pods and devices

Here is a link to a good article about teen vaping from The Child Mind Institute.

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Federal Survey Cards

Federal Survey Cards went home this week. Please complete them and return to your child's teacher. We are required to have one of these cards from every family each year. We appreciate you completing them and returning by 10/14.

Spirit Day

On Fridays, we wear red to show our school spirit. This week's winning classes, with the highest percent of students in Tiger spirit wear (or Padres Gear this weeek), are as follows:

Mrs. Shepard's Class (6th Grade AGAIN!)

Mrs. Bakke's Class (1st Grade)

Mrs. Roehrs' Class (3rd Grade AGAIN!)

TIGER Expectations

This week, your student reviewed all 5 of the TIGER expectations - Teamwork, Integrity, Goals, Empathy, and Responsibility. The students below are some of our "Tigers of the Week".
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Cell Phone Policy

Students are allowed to have cell phones on campus, but they must be OFF and in backpacks for the entire time they are on campus. Cell Phones are addressed in Board Policy 5131, which outlines that devices must be "Turned off in class" and that, "Any device with a camera, video or voice recording function shall not be used in any manner which infringes on the privacy rights of any other person." Students should not be bringing phones with them to lunch, recess or the restroom. This has created some behavior and privacy concerns lately. Students cannot video record one another, or take photos of peers while on campus. Posting photos of staff and or students on social media platforms can be considered cyber bullying and/or harassment. Please take a moment to discuss the serious nature of this policy, and why taking a photo that might be funny could impact someone's life in a very negative way.

Our student Handbook clearly states

Electronic communication of any kind is prohibited on school grounds. Each school has designated a "phone zone" where phones may be used before or after school, but under no circumstances during school hours. Pepper Drive’s phone zone is along the cement walkways outside of the school gates and on the lower field at dismissal time only. Permitted devices shall:

  • Be turned off at all times during the school day, and at any other time when directed by a district employee.
  • Not disrupt the educational program or school activity

The basic rule is: SEE IT, USE IT, HEAR IT, TAKE IT. Therefore, if an electronic device is seen, used, or heard, the following procedures will be put in place:

  • First Offense: The device will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.
  • Second Offense: The device will be confiscated and the parent must personally reclaim the device.
  • Third Offense: The device will be confiscated and a parent must personally reclaim the device from the office. After a third offense, the student is not permitted to have a cell phone or personal device on campus. It can be checked in to the office on a daily basis or kept at home for the remainder of the year.

Costume Guidelines

Red Ribbon Week is just around the corner. Dress up days will include tie dye day, Tiger Red Day, dress for your future job day, and sports dress up day. The first day of Red Ribbon Week will be on Monday, October 31st. On that day, students can dress up to say "Boo" to unhealthy choices in their fun/spooky best.

Monday 10/31 will be the FIRST day of Red Ribbon Week and students will be allowed to wear costumes to school, with limitations:

  • No masks
  • Face paint must not cover more than 1/2 of face
  • No Blood or fake blood
  • No weapons or fake weapons, this includes fire fighter axes and ninja stars
  • No inflatables AT ALL
  • Must be school appropriate attire (no spaghetti straps, offensive language or implications, no gang affiliation, crop tops, etc).
  • Hats must still be removed indoors
  • Costume wigs are allowed on this day only
  • Wonder if your costume is okay? Ask!
  • Bring a change of clothes-costumes are usually hot and uncomfortable. They rarely make it through the entire day.

Please start reviewing this information now, and encourage your children to ask questions, so we don't have any confusion on the day.

Dressing up is not mandatory for any school spirit days. When people do dress up, it takes a lot of courage and vulnerability. Nobody should be made fun of for a costume, or made to feel bad for showing school spirit. Calling a costume "trash" does not show empathy or teamwork. Let's all encourage positivity and kindness during spirit days (and every day) at Pepper Drive.

Click Here to Volunteer at Trick or Treat @ Pepper!

Sign up to volunteer at the PTA "Trick-or-Treat From Your Seat" drive-thru Trick-or-Treat event

Upcoming Dates


10/14-Progress Reports went home

10/20 Thrivers Book Study Meeting #2

10/20 Equity Team Meeting

10/21 Crazy Sock Day

10/24 Diwali

10/31-11/4 Red Ribbon Week (UPDATED)


11/11 Veteran's Day (No School)

11/17 Make-It, Take-It Behavior Support Workshop for Parents (see PHP flyer below)

11/14-11/17 Minimum Days (release @ 1:05)

11/21-11/25 Fall Break (No School)

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