Media Literacy

Media and its importance in our lives.

World Influence: Media

There are many types of media in our society. These Medias may include electronic media, social media, and many more. However, over the years the uses of electronic media have been increasing up to a point, where certain generation is being criticized. In my opinion, I think media is defined as anything that could be used to communicate from person to person. For example, YouTube has been recognized for a wide source media. Many users have post their videos and is known world-wide. This type of media shows many types of media all at once, such as electronic, social, educational, and many more. Medias used in these days widen up the society and provide us with lots of benefits and losses. Some of the benefits would include the easiness to find things. Online is basically the electronic version of knowledge. When you type in basically anything online, it will most likely to provide you with the information you need. However, some negative influence may be that too many people become distracted from these electronic or social media uses. Although they benefit a lot in our society right now, too much uses of media could pose negative effects. Another way that media is defined is through analyzing, understanding concept, and wide spread of its use. This may be referred to the word “Media Literacy” or “Media Literate”. Media Literate refers to the people who analyze and criticizes beyond what the media provides to the people. For example, a person may think at the point of view of other media users or the creator to oversee beyond their purposes of creating the media. Media Literate people may try to understand the reason beyond certain media, think about the consumers who use them, and organize the views into certain categories.

"The Right Music"

In AT&T and Beats Music’s collaboration “The Right Music” (2014), Ellen shows humorous ways to demonstrate different types of music genres and associate them with her dances. Ellen contrasts different mobile devices and the music system that’s built in the device versus the Beats Music mobile (AT&T, pop music) AT&T and Beats Music uses their example with the Red Riding Hood and the Wolves to show the satisfaction of the music with Beats Music. AT&T and Beats Music closes their commercial by showing the family plan for five and the price to offer viewers (mostly family) chance to receive better service with their phone and Beats Music. (family plan, up to five members, $14.99/month, Beats Music)

Ellen's Big Game Commercial "The Right Music" for Beats Music and AT&T

Life & Education!!!! :D (Kinetic Typography)

Healthy Food Around the Nation

Nahae Lee

Mon, March 24, 2014

US Nation - Fast food restaurants are improving in healthier image of their menus. These fast food chains have claimed that they will make healthier meals and post calories and nutrition facts next to their menu. McDonalds have said that they will lower their calories to 500 and lower, and also that their prices will be lower (Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder, which usually retails at $3.99, for just $3.59 (IL)). Fast food restaurants, for example Dominos, they have claimed that they "Will not deliver to anyone who gasps for breath more than three times while placing an order." In addition, Wendys have claimed that" Customers must finish each individual fry before requesting additional one from counter." This step will help the Americans to consume healthier food around the nation. Healthy food is spreading widely around the nation from all of these fast food chains and is spreading over most fast food restaurants.

1984 - George Orwell

1984 - The final end.

At the end of the novel 1984 by George Orwell, Winston finally believes in the truth of 2+2=5. The ending of this novel in my opinion reveals some sense that it shouldn't have ended this way. Although this was a good ending, I just have wished that Winston would fight more against Big Brother and bring up a rise in the government and change the society. However, from the middle of the novel, it depicts images of Winston becoming weak and being beaten up. Although I did really enjoy George Orwell's work, the ending made me mad because all those times he's been writing diaries and opposing to Big Brother and not believing in the 2+2=5 idea. Today, this idea of governmental system is becoming largely criticized in some ways. In different parts of the world, it already has been happening over several years, such as those communist countries. Thinking about those countries, the criticism is very appropriate. Government controls and censorship should be limited and give citizen the rights and powers. Citizens should have the ability to correct the government if it becomes corrupt or goes in a wrong direction. Although I did not really like the ending of the novel, I don't really think it would've changed even if it were to be a different author who wrote 1984. It might not be very alike from Orwell's work, but I feel like it will still show weak side of Winston no matter what at some point. The most important message that I have received from this book was that the government should not be in charge of peoples rights and people should be allowed all the rights they can receive from the society. In addition, I think that the message that Orwell is trying to show is that in the future this may happen, but there should be people in society who is willing to stop what he predicts it would happen and that the government should give individuality among citizens. The big message that Orwell is trying to reach to the readers is that of the dangers of totalitarianism. Throughout the whole novel, Orwell explains the dangers that could happen of totalitarian government through Winston's experience. In the novel, Winston is betrayed multiple times and faces lots of trouble, for example writing in diary, being a thought criminal, and doublethink, etc. All of these brought Winston to actually believe in the concept of Big Brother's existence, which was the moral message of George Orwell. Orwell wanted to show the people how it can happen if there's a totalitarian government in place and also to show a message that when the government is in a totalitarian state, it may go through physical harm, mind control, thought control, and many more.

Reflection....of this course..:)

Media Literacy over the semester has taught me how to understand the influence of social media. Over the course, this class has went over social media and its affect on the society (both positive and negative way), media structure, satire, the novel 1984, and the novel Freakonomics. Out of all the things I learned, the novel 1984 and the idea of permanent tattoo gave me the most influence. The idea of permanent tattoo showed how one person can be influenced negatively through social media. This idea taught me that no matter how much you delete a post via social media, the imprint will still be there forever. Throughout the novel 1984, I have learned that George Orwell's prediction of government control can be true today. Today, many parts of the world follow the idea of "Big Brother" and make their people believe 2+2=5 is true. The strength of government censorship and its control of media can actually come true in more countries in the future and that if the communist countries aren't stopped, then the idea may be spread even more.

Some useful things that I'll be taking away from this class is that I will be taking away how to use precis in real life and actually make it into a useful paragraph. In the beginning, precis was too hard for me to understand because majority had to be 4 sentences total. However, after practicing it a couple times, I learned the concept of it and found out that it was actually easier than writing a whole lot stuff that weren't necessary. In addition, using precis made me think less and made me to write less than trying to think if I can add any other stuff to make it longer. In addition, I will be taking away how to analyze and understand a novel. In the past, when I would read a novel, I would either use the internet to find out the summary and etc., however after reading the novel 1984, I started to find out answers on my own (for the most part), instead of using my friend "google".

This language arts class was different from any other classes I took in the past. Previously, classes focused on comprehensiveness, grammar, vocabulary, and multiple scantron tests. However, this class focused on learning how media literacy can influence in the society, rather than focusing on taking tests, quizzes, and knowing vocabularies.In my opinion, I think this class was way better compared to the language arts classes because majority was sent in through via online (schoology,smores,documents), rather than handwriting them.

To make this class better in the future, some things that could be changed are to have a break in between the class because by the time it's middle of class, everyone (including me) are knocked down. Taking a break can definitely wake people up and bring better environment in the class. In addition, I think giving out remind101 the day before would be better because sometimes I have received the reminder in the morning while I'm driving to school. This should be changed because receiving reminder 10-20 minutes before school might not be efficient, especially if students have to bring something to class. However, I don't think that the change in this class could be made so easily because for first block students, the class starts way too early and I don't think there could be a change made unless the whole county changes their school time.

Overall, this class was a good language arts course to take because it was all through media. I think the change from last year (regular language british class) to this class (media literacy) was a good change because this class focused on a topic that no other language arts class focused on. Overall, throughout this course, I really liked this class and I will miss this class because this class was different from the boring, old, original language arts classes I've took in the past.